Drug addiction is the outcome of environmental difficulties; be aware-who is your child’s mate?

Drug addiction is a deterioration in one’s state of health, especially of one’s brain function. It means the state of being unable to stop taking illegal harmful substances in spite of his knowing the matter. Drugs give exciting feelings to those who take these; the young people are more curious about it. You may see that those who are suffering from frustration are more victims of this addiction. It has become a global problem. Families in cities, towns and even rural areas all over the world are affected by it.

The effect of such addiction is ultimately death if it is not treated in earlier stage. Drug addiction also gives birth to new crimes. Young people involve in crimes to get money to buy drugs. It is seen that a father is being killed by his drug addicted son if he refuses to pay money to his son. In these circumstances, all concerned must create awareness both individually and collectively. The highest punishment for dealing in or smuggling drugs prevails in the world but improvement of this is very little. Side by side of punishment for dealing in or smuggling drugs, importance to be given for social awareness. Who will take care of this matter?

Is someone of your family drug addicted? You are certainly worried for this person. You are not fully liable for this occurrence. Our society and environment are liable for this happening. You think-a man may be born at anywhere in any environment. He is governed by atmosphere around him. He learns everything from his surroundings. You think-your mom taught you eating, drinking, wearing etc. likewise your father taught you something like talking, reading, swimming etc. at your early life. A child cannot differentiate between good and bad. His parents teach him how to differentiate between good and bad. Apart from parents, one learns at school, college, university and religious institution. If he does not go to these institutions, he can learn from his surroundings. The environment of living things provides conditions for development and growth, but it causes danger and damage too. The below picture is a part of our environment. Why is this calamity? Do think.

Drug Addition-2
Once my schoolteacher said, “Environment governs you and environment can also be governed by you”.
You have to decide whether environment will govern you or you will govern your environment. If any individual becomes drug addicted, question is “who made him drug addicted”. Who will be responsible of an addicted person? I say it is our environment. All parents must take care of the matter whether their children are growing in a good or in a bad environment. Look after who is your child’s mate. With whom your children spend their leisure time? The social environment drastically governs the behavior of an individual. Therefore, our social environment must be auspicious for growing well our children. Be care who is your child’s mate. With whom your children spend their leisure time?

Beneath the Pul-e Sukhta bridge in Western Kabul a group of Pakistani heroin addicts take refuge from the summer sun, huddled within a tent - smoking, injecting and sleeping in a putrid squalor. Pictured above are Emal, Rahim, Ajmal and Wahid (left to right) who have been sharing a tent for the past two weeks.

Our social leader must take care of the matter seriously.

-Wahedul Haque

I must appreciate author, Md. Nourozur Rahaman, who inspired me to write this article.