Environmental difficulties afflicting our teenagers!

It is a concern why not our social leaders take appropriate steps for healing the situation of our “environmental difficulties that afflicting our teenagers”. All of our guardians should also be concerned to the matter. Our prevailing pedagogy, the mass communication systems, teenagers themselves and their parents have been blamed for this situation. All of the situations are dominated by man. It is true that man is entrepreneur of nature. Man has the power to dominate nature. Our environment and nature are correlated. If our environment controls us, then who will control our environment? Man can control all over natural and environmental elements. We know that all youths are most valuable assets of a nation. They are the forthcoming leaders of the nation. Whatever destruction are being occurred to them, it is now up to our leaders to remedy those. Our youths are in big trouble created by our environment which can be governed by our social leaders.

I think the reason why our youths go astray is the lack of parental convoy. Though some mothers are trying to keep their child unharmed, they can’t do it rigorously. We see nowadays, both parents go out to work. Children are left in the care of foreign maids and child-minders; as a result, they have to face the threat of the disintegration of the family values which rise the trend in social difficulties and crimes among teenagers. Parents should closely monitor the activities of their children and be understanding. What can be happened if your children lead free lives? If both parents go out to work for long time, their children can get free life and can indulge into the destructive task with their mates. What is the aftermath of free life, read the article here. When your children do not get love and attention at home, they seek attention from others who may be harmful.

Our social leaders should be aware of the fact that mass communication systems play a part in the moral degradation among teenagers. Modern civilization should be moderated and to be free of bad effects of modern inventions. Our youths must be kept from abuses of Internet. Everyone, including religious, educational and social institutions, as well as individuals and the media, must cooperate with the authorities to combat the social difficulties that afflicting our teenagers. Only good authorities and leaders who have love for men can change a society.

-Wahedul Haque