How to practice patience in distressed situation?

You may face troubles that bring you into a distressed situation that is beyond your tolerance. Yet, you have to overcome the troubles with patience. Some people are impatience to face the oppressing or distressing situation. These people usually suffer from high blood pressure causing dangerous health problems like Brain stroke & Heart attack. Apart from Brain stroke & Heart Attack, an impatience person may suffer from many other health complications. They suffer from such deadly diseases for lacking practice of patience. They don’t know how to become calm & cool in a distress situation. Practicing patience is not very hard. You may practice this, and easily overcome the distress situation.

What does Patience mean?- Patience means ability to accept or tolerate oppressing or distressing situation like delays, problems or sufferings without becoming annoyed or anxious. Once my father says, “God is with those who have patience.” I ask him what the word “patience” means. He replied, “A man has patience if he tries three aspects.” One aspect is persistence, the capacity to keep in touch with his works ceaselessly unless he sees the result he expects. It keeps you moving toward your goal and thus helps you make your dreams come true. Another aspect is acceptance. Accept whatever is happening right now it will reward you best. The 3rd aspect is the calmness or serenity will be revealed in the face of what it is. The following image carries the importance of patience. Everybody is standing here with patience to obtain something.

Importance of patience
Importance of patience – I already expressed my views about the importance of patience in the above lead. Again, have a look at the matter that some complications, like Brain stroke & Heart Attach are everyday diseases you can find in those who are impatience. Know that due to lack of patience, your blood pressure may be high causing such diseases. As for example, if you feel annoyance while sitting on a car stuck in the traffic jam, you get more and more impatience as the time passes. So, you become more anxious to reach your destination in time. You may be on the way to your office, but you don’t have other ways except waiting in your car. You must practice practice in order to keep your blood pressure under control. If you don’t practice patience during distressed situation, it may bring your ruin. To stay cool accepting the distress situation is a symbol of patience. Never be like the man below who is very upset having stuck in the traffic jam, he does not know it is harmful. Practice Patience & be wise.

Impatience man
If you are a man who practice patience during distress situation, your patience will allow you to act more mindfully and wisely. As you know the aftermath of becoming impatience, you will never be upset or perplexed while passing challenging moment. A man practicing patience, can keep good relationship with other people – parents, kids, co-workers, spouse, etc. God knows, patience is a quality we all need for high-functioning relationships. Won’t you be agreeing with me to practice patience?

How to practice patience ? – Like physical exercise, developing patience requires persistence effort. Always try to remain engaged with anything to cope the opposite situation. It will make provide you with the patience. Suppose, you’re stuck in heavy traffic jam, make a decision to do something that will keep you engaged in other world – listen to the audio song, read an interesting book or a newspaper, talk to relatives over cell phone, etc. You choose other way to forget the odd situation. When you blurt out the first thought that comes into your head without considering the consequences, it may hurt another man to make him furious. As a result, this man will hurt you causing mentally impatience. If you have patience, pause and go over what you want to say, you can avoid hurting or offending others. Won’t you practice patience in order to lead a healthy life?

Now, think how impatience can lead a man’s life through into deadly risk. Will you not be wistful to avoid dangers which grow from impatience?

-Wahedul Haque

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