Promotional strategies to increase sales

Promotional Strategy denotes a process that lets your organization to focus on how to increase sales of your products, how to attract new customers day by day, and how to gain a durable competitive result. Though promotional strategy vary business-to-business considering categories of products and consumers, a powerful set of promotional strategies can help place your organization in a favourable light with not only current customers but new ones as well. You can make plan for short-term or long term strategies. Your promotional strategies may change day by day considering overall situation of the market. The development of the strategy depends on the business environment, both internal and external. It requires to perceiving different factors of the external environment, including technological, economical, cultural, political and legal aspects. Goals have to be determined, and then the necessary strategy will give an explanation of what specific actions will be taken over time to achieve the goals. In this case, everything should be based on consumers’ benefits. What benefits have been considered using your products will depend on your durable plans. As the promotional strategies differ considering the unique situation of the individual business based on product categories, your organization must think of some basic points as promotional strategies to increase sales as below:

Ask your product consumers
Ask your consumers about your products, but questions should involve the consumers’ interest. Include the information to your questions to impulse consumers to think of your products. Prepare questions about how and why the consumers will buy your products. Entice people to buy your product and make them your regular consumers. You have to ask them what their attitudes about your products are. Like this, if you produce something to be used for cleaning floor, you should ask people, “How often do you clean the floors? How much you spend monthly for cleaning floor?” The answers of these questions will help you make decision to measure volume and price of the product that can help consumers try to buy your product within their scope. Before planning for promotional strategies, you have to think with these ways.

Confirm intimacy with the consumers
In order to measure the public opinion, you have to show your intimacy with the consumers becoming nearness of the customer. Ask the consumers purchasing your products about their personal tastes of the products they are using. Are they thinking of other products instead of yours? Are the products having anything exclusive quality for which they have decided to buy those products instead of yours? You have to show more intimacy with the consumers so that they really think about your products. Let your consumers get updated your products. If you think of the following quote of Lou Gerstner, an American businessman, you will guess the importance of intimacy with the consumers.

“We built this company from the customer back, not from the company out.” Lou Gerstner, IBM (who travelled over 1,000,000 miles to visit customers during his nine years as CEO)

Don’t let your consumers get disappointed
Before productions, you must think of the number of consumers purchasing your products. Before selling products, limit the number of your products as per consumers’ limit so that everybody gets your products. Never disappoint your consumers, creating advance shortage of products. Instead keep signboards in the retail stores showing ‘Limit of 2 items per person’ or ‘Due to high demand and short supply, we are sorry but can only sell five items per person.’ You should not penalize people for coming back and buying more. Notice and warn retailers not to penalize people for coming back and buying more. In a business-to-business situation, illustrate that you are facing difficulties with your raw material suppliers, and to be clear to all customers, you can only take orders a maximum number of items this month or week. In this case, you can make them confident about your supply of products saying like this:

“In the past there has been regular shortages of raw materials, we are still trying to continue our production considering consumer’s interest. We will be capable to minimize the deficiency of raw materials within couple of days, so no shortage will remain more to solve production difficulties.”

Consumer Conference Motivation Program
The consumer conference motivation program is a way to motivate current consumers to prescribe new consumers to your store. In some cases, your slogan should announce the public with the words like-free products, big discounts and cash rewards etc. These are some of the motivations you can apply to entice your consumers. This is a promotional strategy that can uplift your consumers’ base as a sales force.

Online Video Display and Media
Videos are an effective way to promote business in the modern era. Besides, your organization can also take facilities of the media – television, radio, newspapers etc. to promote its products. You can create a account and place your video in online business publications or social networking sites whatever you like.

Survey After-Sales
By contacting over telephone or through mailing your consumers after sale, is a promotional strategy that can obtain the customer satisfaction. If you are an efficient organization, you must make survey calls to customers to gather information for the products; it can later be used for making further decision to promote sales of your products. Ask questions to the customers relating to the way the customers feel about the products and services purchased. This is a best promotional strategy that serves in two ways, one that cares what the customer thinks and the other that is always striving to provide the best service and product.

In order to consider the consumers’ interest, think about the points described above, and try again to catch a glimpse of above points to optimize your strategies. I think now you are aware of the fact what strategies are important to achieve your business goals.

-Wahedul Haque


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