Ways to increase blog traffic


Traffic is the important element for a blog; the more people who find your blog, the more readers who will read your ideas. It is the precondition how to increase your traffic. If you want your blog to get admired in the blogosphere, you have to take some methods as ways to increase your blog traffic. You should also remember that only better contents can earn more readers. Get your regular posts published amusingly before the people in order to get them read.

A few months ago, I was not aware of the Blogger Adam who is now a favorite blogger to me. One day, I got, by chance, a few WordPress trackbacks from Adam’s blog – the notifications were showing that he had linked to my blog posts. Definitely, I became so curious that I had gone to check him out, and after reading his valuable posts, I am now a regular reader of his contents.

I asked one of my friends to read a renowned blogger’s amazing posts regarding increasing blog traffic to note whether he wished together with this for the other blogs. He did accordingly. This conduct was really appreciable to me because some traffic were sent to me; it gave me lot of credence and after that, I started a blogging friendship with my favorite blogger.

Similarly, Iain Robson ran a blog on marketing in a very interesting niche: marketing for farmers (it was a great way to the zero on their potential audience!). He likes the posts published in the blog, and is not shy of showing it to others: he always tries to link other site’s post like his weekly link roundups.

I was so impressed that I could not ignore that blogger at all. I am really glad and very happy to get this amazing blogger. You can also ask me for any favor you want, and it will be my obligation to help you. I must tell you about the Blogger Adam who is, I reiterate, now a favorite blogger to me.

All these interactions were grownup as a result of blog link roundups. I will tell you that there are two ways to promote your blog – these will help increase more traffics for your blog. You will get these opportunities with blog link roundups.

Be hinted of Link Roundups

You must be proactive to get other bloggers to discover your content, and therefore, link roundups are the proper way to do it.

The ways to promoting your blog contents via roundups:

  • Write amazing contents (put something worth in your contents unless it’s no one will mention it to his link);
  • Always grow relationships with the publishing bloggers (you shouldn’t just approach them with a view to “how about mentioning your post?”);

If once some bloggers know another blogger, like you, and love your contents, seeing your posts pop up in their roundups, it will be just a matter of time to grow your traffic. Your readers will help you increase your traffic.

Find here two blogs that publish regular roundups – they are very generous to other bloggers to share their ideas:

  • You can learn more clicking here.
  • Click here for further information.

-Wahedul Haque