Some ways to beat exam stress

exam stress
Students that want to obtain much better results in the examination may feel the extreme stress before their exam. Every student may encounter this situation to overcome with their stern and devotion of hard work. Students should remember that the stress situation can push them to do more work for their success in the examination, or it can let them reach a destructive situation if they use it as defeating term. In order to check this stress, students should discover the cause of their stress. After detecting the cause of stress, students can take some tricks to reduce the stress. Research says that the following reasons are generally considered for exam stress:

  • Insufficient dictation from the guardian
  • Insufficient plan & preparation
  • Over expectancy of the guardians
  • Contest among the counterpart students

exam stress-2The above circumstances can lead a student to reach a stressful situation. When the exam date approaches, some students who lack either courage or patience become worried, and begin to sweat thinking the nearness of the exam. One thing is interesting that in the midst of this extreme anxiety and uncertainty, some students, try alternatively to find a way to overcome this exam stress. These booming students can find their best ways here which can provide them some tricks to suppress this feeling of stress. Here are some aspects the students can consider to suppress their exam stress:

Make the daily Study Routine precisely:

The students should not be disheveled in their daily study. In this case, a routine that is prepared precisely to follow by the booming students can greatly help improve their study. Students can get help making their study routine following some guidelines here. If the students follow these guidelines, it will bring them very much production from the examination. Those students who will use this platform for improving their study process, the GoConqr calendar tool must be as supportive item to them – see here.

Take a Quick Walk:

Students who are something lazy in their activities often think that they will get more time before exam, and will use the time for reading ceaselessly keeping their eyes on the book and putting pen on the page to write continuously. Their continuous staying in the study table ultimately decreases memory capacity which is harmful for them. Instead of staying at the study table long time, they should take some walk which will immediately lessen their stress – it is tested. Research has proved that taking exercise, like walking help boost students’ memory and brain power.

Sleep is essential to enhance the memory capacity:

You should remember that sound sleep boosts your brain to absorb new lesson into the memory and you can recall it during the test. It is also said that sleep is essential to console the stressful mind. Sound sleep can enhance the memory activity which will ultimately reduce the exam stress. We should keep in mind that a man generally requires 6~8 hrs of sleep to keep his brain sober. Even if you feel sleepy during the study, take a short sleep of 5~10 minutes, you will feel better to absorb new lesson – it is tested, and you can try it yourself.

Assuaging power of Classical Music:

Classical music performs the absolutely correct function to produce creativity in the brain by improving the disposition of the students so that they can be motivated to their study very successfully. So far I know the classical music is the best of all other music which has a boosting power of your brain. Ambient music, in this case, can also work. Choose the playlists that can work for you.

So, now you know how to overcome exam stress, why don’t you try the above tricks to become sober before the examination?

-Wahedul Haque