O my Creator!
It is the evil within me
That keeps me far from You.
I have been filled with the impurity
Which has made me unfit to touch You.

O my Creator!
I am impure, and You are ever-pure,
Impure is unfit to touch the pure.
It is like that untruth can’t
Touch the truth -You are that truth.

O my Creator!
Be kind to tell me the way,
How I can remove the impurity lying within me.
By following your way,
I shall ever try keeping myself pure.

O my Creator!
You are ever-present in front of me,
But the impurity let not me see You.
Be kind to provide me with your great favor
To remove the impurity lying within me.

– by Wahedul Haque


3 thoughts on “Impurity

    • Yes, I believe. I know that Creator is omnipresent, but I can’t either touch or see Him. Why? This is my question. I think the reason is the IMPURITY within me, but Creator is pure.


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