Technology for the blind

NFB“Live the life you want,” these are words depicted by NFB. This Federation is cordially benevolent to the blind around the word, and are working for them since long. The Federation believes that Blindness can’t be the identity of life style of the sightless: the blind can live their normal lives like other sighted live. This is absolutely correct because our everyday expectations and achievements are moving ahead simultaneously among the sightless and sighted. Blind people are no more considered burden in the world. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. In our modern technology, everything is attainable. NFB taking the advantages of modern technology, always providing their all out support to the blind so that they can live their normal lives in the midst of sighted.

Once one of my friends attended the NFB convention where he experienced an amazing moment. Mebeto Lure Jung, a blind participant, was scrolling the Facebook icons on his Smartphone which was making sounds that my friend could not understand. The sound was moving way so fast that he could not realize its meaning. But Mebeto Lure Jung was navigating very easily his internet which was based on audio form. The screen was displaying images, Mebeto was screening without seeing those images. He has been blind since the age of five.

Anybody who attends this convention will hear that a large number of mobiles making these sounds. This app was figured out by Apple that made the blind accessible to their mobile hand set. However, technologies support all the people whether they are blind or sighted. All the people on earth will move ahead together. This is the perspective which the modern technology follows.

OwnfoneAmong the number of manufacturers of modern devices OwnFone, a firm based in London released a phone Last year which is the world’s first Braille phone. This phone is customizable because the front and back side shaped in 3D style and capable of using 3D printing techniques. Though many other companies have produced such kind of phone in the last years, OwnFone’s phone is in the 1st place in overall sales. The manufacturer can put raised text which will be furnished on key pad of the phone because it will be easier to read by the blinds who are accustomed to the Braille systems. The phone was invented by Tom Sunderland, and this phone is available in the UK market. As the cost of the phone is comparatively low, it’s sold in a large number comparing other Braille phone. This is the phone which bears Braille Buttons on its keypad which can be personalized for its 3D printing aspects. So, it is cost-effective and fast moving. The blind users, their friends & family can be connected instantly each other and it has been designed according to their needs of the blind.

DagarPhone-Sumit Dagar, an Indian designer who tries to make the interactive functions, reveals himself as the “insanely passionate” for designing newly technical devices. He is always thinking to invent a new design in the technology market. This innovative person invented a new phone based on the Braille system with the fast impressing purpose to reflect visually disabled population to overcome many obstacles they face both in their careers and in their daily lives.

Hence the technological supports can’t be figure out futile. It is always the symbol of renovation and reconciliation of peoples’ living styles. All people on earth will get equal advantages. Blinds are not exception to attain their fundamental possession. So NFB’s slogan “Live the life you want” is really appropriate for the blind. This organization stirs on the blind’s mind emitting the optimistic spark on their head that can help them move ahead safely. As the Braille system is being used by the blind around the world with their respective native languages, the Braille phone will also reach all the blinds around the world.

As the technology is building everyday opportunities to meet our constant needs, those who are sightless can’t be deprived of getting the outcome of technological inventions. All the sightless around the world are getting their everyday technical support from NFB. They must get the privilege of utilizing technological supports whenever a new thing is innovated on the Earth.

-Wahedul Haque