Dwelling rules of the universe to materialize your goal

Dwelling rulse of teh universe copy

Everybody is chasing after something to hold that. You see a student wants to hold a degree; a fisherman wants to catch fishes; a businessman wants success of his business etc. Everybody should learn some rules which will act as instruments to win a race. It is seen that all these persons can’t get succeeded for achieving their respective goals because they lack the knowledge of some rules of the universe. The universe is going on maintaining all these rules. Success comes to the hands of those who recognize the rules of the universe. These rules require a deeper understanding and application of those rules together to achieve their respective goals. The law of attraction is one of the rules. According to this rule, negative energies can’t attract to a positive energies but a positive energy can attract a positive energy which indicates homogeneous quality of a thing. A positive energy can manifest itself with its preparedness of getting manifestation by its endless effort. Without being positive manifestation it can’t hold other positive energy. If anybody tries to attract the positive energy – he must line up with his endless efforts to prepare for the energy he expects.

Another rule is “honoring others.” I must honor you because you are containing the valuable thing within you. I mean it is the light, the 1st creation of the universe. In other words, I honor the location within you where the great light abides – I say again that this light is the 1st creation of the universe. If the light within you gets its revelation like the revelation of light that abides within me then both of us are equal. In this sense we are same and one – this is the oneness of all. You can acknowledge the rules of oneness of all in this way. In reality, everything comes from the same source – the origin of our life. There is a connection among all of us which indicates the endless period. You’re the expression of the divinity, or you are the revelation of divine if your preparation is adequate. Divinity also wants you to express it. We have to obtain the knowledge how to know the divinity which is always within every being of the universe and we should be respectful to its attitude. You are the abode of the great light – you are not small. You think yourself immeasurable; you are the abode of the divinity – you can’t comprehend this lesson. You ameliorate yourself; you will get your achievement.

One thing is to consider, “You work, but you can’t see the face of success.” You must learn the meaning of the word “diligence”. It is a rule to follow if you want something good to achieve in your life. You do something which will help others. Be generous to others. Instead of following the rule, your goal can’t be materialized. If your goal is related to fulfill others’ requirements, your wanting will also be fulfilled, no doubt. I again say you are containing the light which originated from the same source – universal divinity. You are the abode of the light, the 1st creation of the world. I again say, you ameliorate yourself in order to favoring yourself and others; you will get your achievement.

-Wahedul Haque


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