Soul is energy, use it for betterment

Soul is bless from God. It is a source that gives you stamina to do betterment in every sphere of your life. It is true that man cannot create or destroy anything. Only God can create and destroy things, you can’t apprehend its mystery. Did you know what the invention or the discovery mean? Discovery and invention are not creation – they mean revelation of changes in the energy i.e. soul. The question is how the universe is moving forward to its betterment. People would eat raw meat now they don’t. This is because of their utilization of power they achieved using energy, their soul.

If a man forms something newly, it is invention; not a creation because man can create nothing. The man, who invents something, can only design into a new form. The designer changes form of a matter which is already available in the universe – it can’t be called invention. God creates anything whenever He desires.

Try to understand the law of the universe. You have been filled with energy. A musical talent manifests his talents performing skills he has gathered through a thorough practice. It is possible if he uses energy practicing the musical lesson thoroughly. The fact is that energy exists in the universe in two forms working as order in every matter and the other as knowledge in man & animal. Every cell whether it is of a matter or of an animal or man it has life. Matter has life for it is energy solidified. On the other hand, our body is formed with millions and millions of cells which contain energy which is living – energy is bless from God.

You see a dried leaf of tree contains energy which help kindle fire; it uses energy from its source and it also released oxygen when it was green with the body of a tree. You can use a sheet of papers to fire up utilizing its modified energy it was once a living particle of a tree. Energy is randomly changing in different from in various ways. We see energy when it manifested in a form, man cannot see its sources. Everything in the universe manifests from its arch force, but you cannot comprehend this fact due to your crude mind. The arch force is our source of life which exists in matter as energy which is soul.

God pervades everything. He is the energy of the universe. His energy source is being utilized in different ways for the betterment of the world. Whenever His energy manifests as a form, we call it a creation. God’s energy manifests to a man. Though God is in every atom about us, around us and within us, He has reserved to Himself the right of becoming manifest to whomsoever He chooses as perfect. He is a being without hands and feet and other organs, yet he can see Him to whom He chooses to reveal Himself. In order to get energized everything of the world, God permeates everything because he is the only source of energy of the world.

Our souls live eternally and continue to live even after we pass from this world. What makes our soul live eternally? It is Energy that gives a thing power to movement & to us knowledge for our advancement. Soul is energy, but it cannot be measured through the physical instruments or through the equation E=mc², but through the hearts inside each of our being.

Use your energy for your advancement. Your soul is your energy. Manifest your soul accordingly how it wants to manifest. Recognize yourself what you are. You should understand your soul to manifest according to its desire. If you don’t like the path you are on – change it, or more importantly “allow” it to be changed or manifested. It means you have the power to change your life. Rather than try to “force your will” on people or circumstances, rearrange the way you think and choose to empower yourself with the energy you are holding. When you resist change or try to assert a false sense of control over the external world it always leads to struggle. You must learn to embrace change, work with energies and “allow” circumstances, opportunities, etc. to manifest according to divine providence. Be aware: the ego’s need for a false sense of control can block the flow of positive energy that will actually bring you the ideal circumstances you are searching for.