Positive psychology is precondition of authentic happiness


Happiness, happiness and happiness. Every man is chasing after happiness during his whole life. Someone wants to be happy becoming a rich man possessing lot of money while other looking for happiness by grabbing wealth of another. On the other hand, some want to be happy only by eating & drinking etc. We see there is no standard of becoming happiness with it. Though most of the people think happiness as a form of achievement of something comparing higher to other, but they don’t know what authentic happiness means. It greatly depends on Positive psychology. Actually happiness means a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is the state of mind of a man when he is contented to his belongings. You are man, not animal – try to live accordingly; you hanker after money – it is not a symbol of happiness; you have a family of your own, but you spent time with family of other; try to keep your health fit – good health means happiness. I discussed here some points to clarify the meaning of happiness.

You are a man, not animal: You are a human being, but you don’t know what human happiness means. You belong to a life of man, instead of animal. If you think of an animal how they are happy without their own house, car, power, money etc. But they are contented with their belongings. Most of the people are not satisfied with their present belongings. They don’t know how to remain contented with their present belongings. There is ways to be happy – go through the article here.

Money: You always think of money because money is a symbol of happiness to you. If you think about a bird – it doesn’t require money but we see they are happy. Birds sing, dance, and fly with happiness and ecstasy. You never think of the other lives how they move forward. Becoming practical, you can overcome your unhappy state of mind. You don’t know it what is it to be happy.

Spend time with your family: You are always in crazy mood – become positive. You family want you to spend time with them, instead you spend most of the time with gossiping, laughing and wandering with others. Stay with your family whenever you get time. Become a friendly person to your family, you will understand how the positive psychology and happiness are correlated.

Good health is precondition of happiness: If you always remain within your unhappy mood, it impacts on your health which is precondition of happiness. You are rich man because of your bank balance, house, car, but you are sick – i.e. you are unhappy. You must be careful of your health to be happy. You must be aware of the science of happiness which will lead you on the right way.

Positive psychology: All illness is psychological. If you are mentally firm and contented with your belongings, there is no harm that can make you unhappy. Try to accept everything of the word positively and give up all your negative thoughts existing in your mind.

You lack some practical lessons on happiness that exist around you. You will get some of these excellent lessons clicking here on positive psychology and happiness that will help keep you happy with your belongings whether big or small at present.

– Wahedul Haque

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