Physical Heart Vs Spiritual Heart

Physical Heart Vs Spiritual Heart

Most people know what the heart means. They think that heart is only a piece of flesh located within the center of everybody’s chest. The interesting is that most of them never think about heart’s spiritual aspects. The Heart has actually two aspects – one is physical and another is spiritual. Physical aspect includes everything which we can experience through five senses eye, ear, nose, skin and tongue. With the eyes – we see, with the ear – we hear, with the nose – we smell, with the skin – we feel, and with the tongue – we taste. All these sensors are connected with the heart – when any one of your sensors contacts with anything of outward aspect, your heart makes you feel it immediately. Your heart is a piece of flesh, so you can understand with your five senses whatever is revealed to you. For instance, when you try to measure your heart rate (pulse) with your finger, you use one of your five senses (it’s your finger skin). Similarly, all sensors of your body contact with concrete world. However, apart from five sensors, your heart contains a prime gift which is the ark of spiritual treasure.

What is meant by spirituality?

Spirituality derives from spirit. What is spirit? Spirit is the vital principle in humans that is animating all parts of human bodies. As spirituality derives from spirit, you should understand the meaning of spirit before understanding spirituality. What is spirituality? Researchers and authors of The Spiritual Brai, Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary, had this to say:

“Spirituality means any experience that is thought to bring the experiencer into contact with the divine.”

The definition showed that if a man can have spiritual development through spiritual practices, he can contact with the divine. By developing spirituality, a man can understand the hidden mystery of the universe because he can contact with the divine. So, knowing your “Spiritual Heart” is a must for your spiritual development. To understand the Spiritual Heart, you should have knowledge on spiritual aspects. As the spirituality brings the experiencer into contact with the divine, one can contact with God through it. Vivian Amis, author of “I AM,” says:

“A spiritual aspect is a view through God’s eyes. God sees a bigger picture that includes the present, past and future and all that are involved.”

Physical heart and spiritual heart are correlated. As spirit is the vital principle in humans that animates all parts of human bodies including the heart, physical heart, your heart is considered dead without the spirit that animates each part of your body.

Only spiritually awakened person can realize spiritual aspect of the heart:

Your heart is continuously moving without stopping its glorious deeds even during your deep sleeping. When you are in deep sleep, your five sensors may not work, but your heart is a large sensor which keeps its uninterrupted function spiritually. Heart’s spiritual function can only be realized by those who are spiritually awakened. Though it is hard to get spiritually awakened without removing the Impurity within you, but somebody can remove the curtain of impurity and can develop his spiritual insight. By developing spirituality, a man who is spiritually awakened realizes everything with his intuition which is totally connected with the spiritual heart. Your physical heart keeps running with the spiritual power, the source of this power is unknown. What you know as unknown power, is in reality the supreme power – the Almighty who is sitting in the core of your heart and moving your physical heart continuously. So the Heart’s spiritual function can only be realized by those who are spiritually awakened.

Most people consider everything of Physical Heart:

When a doctor considers something for patient’s Heart, he analyses heart’s function. He considers some factors to assess heart’s functionality like measuring Heartbeat, Heart Rate Or Pulse. Whatever a doctor considers about the heart, he takes into account everything from heart’s physical aspect. He should consider alongside its spiritual aspect because heart has both physical and spiritual aspects. He should think about the matter that physical heart can’t move itself without the mysterious power behind it – the spirit. This is the spiritual aspect of the physical heart.

Both aspects are important:

Both the physical and spiritual aspects are important. It will be clear to you if you balance these aspects with body and soul. Without body, soul can’t be thought. All bodies contain soul which is spiritual, but it is not realized by all because it is beyond the control of your five senses. Most people don’t know, “What is spirituality?” They should think that everything of the world is active for the spirit behind it. Actually, they don’t know the meaning of spirit. All should exercise the spiritual practices. Your heart is filled-up with the spirit of Almighty who creates and re-creates everything regularly.

-By Wahedul Haque