Thinking for unveiling mysteries of the universe

Mysteries Of The Universe
Image showing mysteries of the universe

Unveiling mysteries of the universe depends on your state of mind. As you sow so shall you reap. Think properly, all mysteries will be revealed. The universe is continuously moving towards its development. But which force does work behind these activities? Try to guess the meaning of what Albert Einstein said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” You are finite – to unveil the mysteries of the universe is not simple work for you. You are a man and certainly very curious to unveil the mysteries of the universe. If you just think about your surrounding and look into the matter how the natural elements work, then everything will be clear to you gradually. Here are some significant points – these points will help you unveil the mysterious curtain of the universe:

Why not water run out?

Unveiling mysteries of the universe is not simple. To unveil the mysteries of the universe you should think about the matter that water does not run out in spite of plenty uses of it. Total volume of water in the world never changes. 1/4 of the earth is soil while 3/4 is water. You think how important water is for life either animal or plants. Within seeds there is mechanism to ensure germination. But you see the germination occurs only under favorable environmental conditions for seedling growth. Germination depends on the factors which are water availability and season. All seeds drink water to germinate and for some reasons this are the only requirements. Water is not only important for a seed to germinate but it is required to grow the plant. Water is natural components which fulfill the requirements of the world. Nature holds such caliber that it can understand the demands both of animals and plants. Animals contain water within their body cell to carry out cell activity. In order to hydrate and digest food, water is vital part. Water may be of different qualities but all animals don’t need to drink same kind of water. As for example, some fishes need salt water to live and others need fresh water. Fish takes oxygen from water. So, water is life for animal and plant. When frog and turtle lay eggs and reproduce they need water. Some snakes live naturally in the water. As for germination of plant, water is as essential is the same importance of water for fertilization of an ovum in the womb. Nature knows the necessity of water, so she always holds water. Therefore, nature is caliber. What would life be if there was no water in the universe? Think yourself; it will help unveil mysteries of the universe.

Why not Air run out?

You can’t see Air, but it is constantly in motion. If you think spiritually, it will help unveil mysteries of the universe, and you will see all things visible and invisible generate from only one source. Air is manifested forms of the same invisible force. The tree breathes through its leaves leaving the oxygen which is essential for your life. It is same like the water is essential for seed germination; oxygen is required by the germinating seed for metabolism. Oxygen is an element of Air. Animals that develop inside their mothers, like mammals, get their oxygen from mom through the umbilical cord. If air is exhausted, the universe will be dissolved. Air can’t be exhausted because it is manifestation of the force which loves all creations. Like Air and Water, other source of life like Fire & Earth keeps same importance.

So, you can easily guess mysteries of the universe, and can find which force is functioning behind all activities – it is the same force which makes your heart move continuously. Never be guided with the wrong ideas.