How delightful my last EID day was!

Eid-mubarakEID is a religious festival.  Religious festival is a time of special importance marked by adherents to that religion. Religious festivals are commonly celebrated on recurring cycles in a calendar year or lunar calendar. Hundreds of different religious festivals are held around the world each year. EID festival is an Islamic Religious Festival. Every year, two EIDs are held in Bangladesh. EID days are holidays for the nation. Muslims celebrate the EID day with great enthusiasm. Every year, I enjoy the EID day with great pleasure together with my family members and neighbors who live in the village. Since my boyhood, among the EID celebrations of my life, I enjoyed the last year EID day with great pleasure because I was able to make a man smile. I appreciate your patience to read the full article.

Meaning of EID

On EID day, Muslims take a bath and wear the best clothes. Even though fasting is not permitted on the Eid days, the major part of the celebration is not eating or drinking; rather, it is a prayer that brings Muslims together to remember Allah’s bounties and celebrate His glory and greatness.

The EID is a chance to multiply good deeds by bringing happiness and pleasure to the hearts of other Muslims, by helping and supporting the poor and needy, and by getting involved in pastimes that emphasize the strong and serious Islamic character.

How delightful my last EID day was!

My work station is at Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. As Eid-ul-Fitre, a great religious festival for Muslims, was approaching fast, I made a plan to perform EID prayer at my native village. All the tickets of trains, buses & launches were already sold in advance; I could not collect the advance tickets. It was the day before the EID day; I started my journey by a local bus from Dhaka to reach my village at Gaibandha, a district town of Bangladesh. Normally it takes 6 or 7 hours to reach my home, but due to heavy traffic jam on the road, I reached home just before 1 hour of EID prayer. However, within few minutes, I took bath, wore new cloths and taking a prayer rug in my hand, I started for Eidgah Field to perform EID prayer. On the way to Eidgah Field, I suddenly saw a crowd beside the road near Eidgah field. As I was approaching the crowd, I noticed that a sick man lying on a cart. He was only urging the people to save his life. He was suffering from a curable disease, but was not given any treatment. Some people were giving him alms; some were observing his face how he cried. I also saw that he  was only crying and crying. EID day is a joyful day; everybody is in happy mood but that sick man was only crying and crying though he got lot of alms.

This sick man was a neighbor of my village. I know his name as Razib. I asked Razib what happened to him and why he cried. He only cried and said, “Please save my life. I am very sick. Please see me a doctor.” I was surprised to see the fact that instead of taking him to a doctor, he was taken near the Eidgah Field to collect alms. However, I could not bear his cry and said, “Don’t worry. I shall see you a good physician after EID prayer and you will recover soon. Don’t cry more. Wait till the prayer ends.” My words made him smile. After the prayer I came to know that Razib could not live till the EID prayer ended. After EID prayer, all people on the way to their respective homes, but I saw Razib’s dead body on the cart. I remember his last smiling when I promised to see him a physician. This fact extremely shocked me and made me think, “Why are people so indifferent to their poor neighbors?” Razib got lot of alms but he did not get anybody to take him to a physician. Everybody was busy for enjoying EID, while Razib was with his struggle to live. He was untreated for long time. In the long run, he could not survive though he had been suffering from a curable disease i.e. Ulcer. May Allah bless him.

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