Fixing problem Skype can’t connect Windows 7

Skype can’t connect

Error Image showing “Skype can’t connect”

You may encounter with a message “Skype can’t connect” during login after you had installed Skype in your Desktop PC. Whenever you find this message, you should consider it a normal problem. You can easily solve this problem. Considering that your software (Skype) is not latest version or your windows is not updated, you need to upgrade window or download latest version of Skype. If you are using Skype for Windows and your PC runs on Windows 7, you don’t need upgrade your Windows 7, just do the steps below. You will not face this problem more.

1- First uninstall old version of Skype from your PC.

2- Download Latest Skype version from official Skype website. I downloaded and installed Skype Version 6.14 on my PC which runs on Windows 7 and it is working well.

3- Install the Skype Version 6.14 on your PC and login. Now you will be easily connected to your Skype account without facing the message “Skype can’t connect.” OK?

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-Wahedul Haque

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