Ways to Create Well-being Programs at Workplace

Employees well-beingWell-being or Wellness is a general term for the condition of an individual or group, for example, their social, economic, psychological, spiritual or medical state (Wikipedia). A good company always looks after the well-being of its employees. The employer should always be careful to the wellness of employees. In philosophy the term ‘well-being’ is used to refer to how well a person’s life goes for the person who lives it (Wikipedia). If any big company’s employees are not in a good health, it will affect in the productivity of the company, but many employers don’t realize the fact. This situation has ultimately made it very difficulty to create a well-being program of each and every company to resolve the crisis created as they lack of wellness among the employees. If you are thinking for creating a global well-being program to ignite and sustain your employee engagement across the population level of your company, here are some ways to create a well-being program at workplaces of your company:

1. Form an advisory group:

It is generally useful to frame a board of advisory representatives to lead a study. Structure a council of agents from every authoritative level, territories, and different gatherings, so you can have a scope of assessments spoke to. In this advisory group, consider to include individuals from your association or company that have duty regarding some part of worker well-being or prosperity, for example, HR, representative advantages, word related well-being and security, the worker cafeteria, and worker unions.

This group ought to meet frequently to guarantee the company’s prosperity. They ought to compose a statement of purpose in view of the consequences of the study.

2. Figure out your workers life style:

What number of workers take smoke breaks for the duration of the day? In the event that you have a candy machine, how regularly does it should be refilled? Do your workers practice regularly? Do they eat 3 balanced diets a day? Do they go to the specialist regularly for checkups? Taking a gander at inquiries like that will furnish you with a superior feeling of the sorts of projects from which your workers would advantage.

3.  Have a kick-off “healthy living fair”:

Offer workers free influenza shot, blood circulatory strain checks, cholesterol screenings, BMI appraisals, smoking suspension programs. Work with your neighborhood healthcare center to arrange these events.

4.  Have a health or wellness event every week:

One thought is to utilize every Saturday as the day for all things well-being and counteractive action. This will begin the week out on a decent note and workers will welcome the chance to enhance their well-being on their organization’s dime. Bosses could compose Saturday strolls, free organic product on Saturday, or Saturday well-being screenings.

5. Encourage physical activity outside of the office as well:

On the off day that workers need to enter a neighborhood run or stroll for a philanthropy race, run a marathon, or take a wellness class, support them.

6. Set up a program to assist workers:

While a few organizations may pick a zero-tolerance approach for medications, different organizations may offer nearby guides to urge workers to stop smoking, drinking, or utilizing drugs. Utilizing work site well-being advancement to help the same number of representatives beat their addictions will advantage the whole organization.

7.  Offer healthy incentives:

On the off chance that any worker accomplishes a well-being objective, reward them with a thing that is helpful and further advances their well-being, for example:

  • pedometer
  • microwave vegetable steamer
  • good athletic socks
  • orange peeler
  • dyna bands
  • stress balls

8.  Follow up:

Find-out what’s working, what isn’t. Are workers losing interest? Keep taking studies and modifying your system with the goal that it stays powerful. Think about Bob Nelson’s advice:

“Take time to appreciate employees, and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways” (Bob Nelson).

Now you understand how well-being of employees affect the overall well-being of a company, and how an employer can create an overall healthier & happier workplace for his employees, and it will ensure the progress of the business.

-Wahedul Haque

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