6 Great Employee Wellness Programs That Work Better

These programs are great and work well. These are great employee wellness programs that work magically for development of your company’s productivity. If you choose these employee wellness programs during taking decision to make a wellness plans for employees, you will get the full continuum of impulsive and constitutional components for the employees to ameliorate company’s production environment. These approaches believe that each employee has the weapons and capitals necessary to achieve their personal health and wellness goals, and is an inseparable part of the guidance resources solution.

Most of the employee wellness companies always try to take a healthy guidance that gives them a comprehensive solution to improving health & wellness of the employees, and the productivity reflecting energy to the employees to make changes in their healthy lifestyle while helping them overcome barriers to success such as impulsive and psychic health issues. With “build to suit” programs that are customized to meet the needs of each organization and each employee, healthy guidance preempts issues from becoming full-blown illnesses.

While thinking about the employee health and wellness for your employees, the following suites of services must be included to your management strategies as healthy guidance:

Choose a good Employee health wellness programs:

Choose a Healthy Guidance, the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) sets the industry standard for evaluating an employee population and providing measurable, accurate data to monitor and track the success of the employee wellness programs on an ongoing basis.

Choosing the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) will focus on an employee’s personal/family health history and lifestyle, and is designed to identify an at-risk employee. Confidential reports are available to an individual employee, and aggregate reports are generated for the organization.

If you choose the Healthy Guidance as a part of wellness program for employees, it will be beneficiary for both employer and employee through:

  • A personal health report for each employee with risk factors, action steps and overall wellness score
  • Aggregate reporting showing most prevalent risk factors, associated costs and opportunities to improve. Reports available by business unit or geographic location
  • Annual reports and analyses to assess the program’s financial impact over time
  • Integration with third-party biometric data

Tobacco Cessation

An employee’s addiction to tobacco is intertwined with other lifestyle issues, and your intelligent professionals can help keep an employee tobacco-free through a plan that addresses their social, nutritional and exercise needs. Your Tobacco Cessation Specialists will integrate the behavioral modification techniques that will earn your employee wellness programs benefits.

You can take following strategies as employee wellness programs:

  • Customized assistance plan based on the participant’s initial level of “readiness to quit”
  • Strategies to help an employee deal with common fears about quitting tobacco use
  • Coordination with other resources when appropriate
  • Stress management skills instruction
  • Tips for preventing weight gain
  • One-on-one telephone counseling sessions
  • Ongoing relapse prevention support

Weight Management

The Healthy Guidance Weight Management program incorporates healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Within the good wellness programs that work better, each employee is provided with a personalized plan to help meet their individual goals and reduce the potential for more serious health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol.

Your Weight Management program should include:

  • Unlimited inbound calls to health coaches
  • Meal-planning options for overall health or to address the needs of individuals with specific conditions
  • Individualized exercise plans based on the employee’s current activity level, including strength training and cardiovascular components
  • Online and/or telephonic coaching to guide an employee in achieving their weight management goals

Lifestyle Coaching

In a successful employee wellness programs it must be ensured that reducing an individual’s risk factors and improving overall health is possible by giving lifestyle coaching to the employees. Your specially trained wellness coaches and clinicians should be spontaneously dedicated to change the nutrition, exercise and behavior of your employees.

Lifestyle coaching program should include:

  • Behavioral change specialists that work one on one with employees to motivate, educate and modify behavior
  • Specially trained wellness coaches and clinicians
  • Flexible five-session coaching model with the same coach every session
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Reporting that helps organizations understand issues and see results

Worksite Wellness Challenges

Employee engagement is key to a best employee wellness programs success. These turn-key programs should be administered completely by your company’s administration. It is the fantastic way to motivate employees to enroll in a wellness program and adopt healthier lifestyles. Employers can choose from a variety of modules including individual or team competitions as well as goal-based programs such as weight loss, walking or other exercise challenges.

Your Worksite Wellness Challenges attract participation and get results through:

  • Customized promotions and competitions to fit an organization’s culture and specific needs
  • Launch and rollout plan to get employees started
  • Ongoing weekly communication and newsletters to keep employees informed and motivated
  • Online tracking of individual and team rankings as well as incentives

Online Incentive Tracking

In order to implement your employee wellness programs you should take an incentive tracking system which should be designed to boost employee engagement in wellness while relieving the administrative burden on employers.

The Online Incentive Tracking program includes:

  • Expert consultation on program design and incentive offerings
  • Ability to integrate data from a variety of sources – including health plans, prescription benefit managers, employee self-reported information – in order to track incentives
  • Customized messaging to support an organization’s wellness goals

You should be very careful while preparing for the wellness plans for employees of your company so that any one of the above 6 great employee wellness programs that work better is not missed to include in your employee wellness programs.