How To Generate High Quality Leads?

You want to know how to generate high quality leads. Before generating leads, you must consider the lead quality. You need quality leads to be generated. It is undoubting that high quality leads can be generated taking up simply some tricks which are really productive. But all tricks can’t be the preconditions of generating get-more-leadshigh quality leads which are the vertebral columns to build a B2B business on the ground. As it has much importance of leads to business, generating leads can’t guarantee that they will give you cash flow.  For lead generation online, quality is a must. If visitors are not willing to purchase your products, then leads can’t give you cash flow. Always remember that high quality leads are the preconditions of generating sales which will give you cash flow in return. In order to generate high quality leads, there are various b2b lead generation strategies you can use to generate high quality leads that work well. They include:

Use Social media to generate high quality leads:

As the social media is now governing the internet marketing world, they are being utilized for lead generation as well. You can also generate high quality leads through social media. If you regularly post following qualified lead generation strategies, visitors will consistently click through your links which will generate leads generating sales as well as cash flow for the business. But how is it possible? Reading this article will help you understand how you can generate high quality leads through social media.

1. Choose the right social media channel(s):

Before starting your high quality leads generation campaign with social media, you have to decide which social media will be suitable for your business. Considering importance of leads to business, you may start your campaign with good strategies and tactics but you are trying to succeed using wrong channel, you can’t generate high quality leads. It is seen that most of the B2B marketers gain 44% leads through LinkedIn, 39% through Facebook and 30% through Twitter. So you should become aware of this fact before choosing a social media channel for lead generation.

2. You can generate high quality leads with LinkedIn:

Since most B2B marketers are depending on LinkedIn for lead generation, you can easily start with this media as well. On June 13, 2016, Microsoft announced plans to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. The acquisition was actually completed on December 8, 2016 [Wikipedia]. Following the acquisition by Microsoft, world’s largest technology company, more professionals are networking and connecting on this platform. Keep in mind the LinkedIn, unlike Twitter or Facebook, is built for professionals and business owners to connect. In contrast, Twitter and Facebook are built for anyone with a wi-fi connection. So, taking help of LinkedIn go ahead. LinkedIn can help with the high quality leads generation very well.

  • Use SlideShare: Offering a free sample, you can directly connect with potential high quality leads through LinkedIn. If you have a high quality sample or presentation, it will help you reach this goal. Use SlideShare for lead generation. SlideShare is a website launched on October 4, 2006. After its acquisition by Linkedin in 2012, it has been developed more….. The website is considered to be similar to YouTube, but for slideshows. It is a Web 2.0-based slide hosting service. You can upload files here in different formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument If you are a LinkedIn user, you have scope to use it for lead generation. With SlideShare, create slide decks that offer industry insights and other relevant data to your consumers, to drive high quality leads. Just link your account with LinkedIn, and always include a call to action at the end of the slide.

3. Generate high quality leads with Facebook:

For lead generation online, you can use Facebook. One thing that differs from other social medias, is you will have to invest some money into an ad campaign at some point. But it is good that Facebook ads are less than half the price ($0.80) per click compared to Adwords ($2.50). So, if you have the budget (or you want to try to beat the algorithm and do it organically), there are many ways to generate high quality leads through Facebook. Through Facebook ads, you can put a clear call to action (CTA) with a professional photo which will entice people to create your leads.

Run contests and giveaways: As People love competitions and free stuff, you can apply this opportunity to generate high quality leads with Facebook Ads declaring a contest and giveaway. Depending on your business, you can offer a book or free coaching, etc. If you think anything like this that will get people to willingly provide their name and email into the CTA box which will serve you well for obtaining leads.

4. Easy way to generate high quality leads with Twitter:

Twitter works as an online news and social networking service where people can post and interact with messages. When you post and interact with a message, it is called tweet. You can tweet writing maximum 140 characters in a tweet. If you are a registered user, you can tweet, but an unregistered user can only read a message, can’t tweet. Like LinkedIn, Twitter is a powerful social media you can use it for lead generation. If you use Twitter with some strategies, high quality leads generation in it is very easy. Use Twitter cards which are lead-generation tools you can use it like Facebook ads, which has become very popular in the last years. When you are using Twitter cards, you can get the full advantages of Facebook ads, but you should use attractive images that can attract the audience. As you do with Facebook ads, be sure to take full advantage of Twitter cards by using images that encourage people to buy your products.

Among different b2b lead generation strategies, above tricks are mostly used. Whether the lead generation using social media gives you a rich or poor result, yet there is a good chance to generate high quality leads using above tricks. Lead quality should be given priority. You have learned from above how to generate high quality leads. So considering the importance of leads to business and applying the above tactics, you can generate more leads which will be generally higher-quality leads.


Learn The Best Online Lead Generation Strategies


What is Lead Generation? In marketing, the question is conventional. Before understanding lead generation, you must know what the lead means in general, and what it means in marketing. In fact marketing and lead generation are interdependent. If one expresses his interest in your products or services in any way, it generates a lead. Lead generation is important for business promotion. It is a process of attracting and converting an individual or company into leads. That means lead initiates a consumer’s interest or inquiry into your products or services.

Lead Generation is important for marketing your product or services. Leads can be generated through various ways. The most popular ways are through the Internet, personal referrals, telephone calls either by the company or telemarketers, advertisements, and events. One research shows that 89% of respondents cited email as the most-used channel for generating leads. The ways are content marketing, search engine, and events.

Leads for business promotion:

Lead meaning is totally associated with marketing a business. It was already mentioned above that marketing and lead generation are interdependent. In the lead definition, it is learned that a lead is the information whether the contact information or demographic information of a customer who expresses interest in your products or services. Leads are generally two types in the lead generation market: sales leads and marketing leads.

Sales leads: Sales leads are gained based on the demographic information such as age, FICO score, income, psychographic, household income, etc. A marketer obtains leads not only for his business he can also resell leads, which he obtained, to multiple advertisers. The sales force generally collects the information through phone calls to obtain leads, the sales leads. The organizations that are engaged with the business relating to mortgage, insurance and finance aspects use these sales leads. So these organizations should know different ways to generate sales leads. This article is enough for learning those ways. To know about lead generation, reading this article will help you learn all about leads.

Marketing leads: Marketing leads are obtained based on brand-specific information which is used as a unique advertiser offer. One thing is different comparing with the sales leads – the sales leads can be sold only once. This is because increasing lead generation requires transparency. Marketing lead campaigns should optimize through mapping leads to the respective sources. To grow a business creating marketing leads is essential which collect your best customers’ contact information.

What does Online Lead Generation mean?

Online Lead Generation is an internet marketing term that refers to generation of prospective consumers’ interest or inquiry into your business products or services through the Internet. If a visitor discovers your business through one of your marketing channels (i.e. websites, blogs, or social media pages), you can form an effective lead generation. Leads can be generated for a variety of purposes: list building, e-newsletter list acquisition, building out reward programs, loyalty programs or for other member acquisition programs.

Online lead generation strategies:

From above discussions, you can clearly understand how much important the lead generation is in marketing products or services of your business. So you, as a marketer, should learn different strategies to generate high quality leads. You will find here below the most important online lead generation strategies which you can apply to gain the high quality leads for your products or services.

Best Online Lead Generation tricks:

Generating quality leads depends on your taking up some effective tricks. Remember that if you gain the high quality leads, there will be better chances they will convert into your happy customers. From a tactical perspective, you should take up some tricks to gain quality leads. If you use one of the channels discussed above, you can apply Call-to-Action (CTA) to generate leads. A CTA may be an image, a button, or a message linked directly to a landing page on your site that calls visitors to take some sort of action. If any action is made, your site generates a lead. A call to action (CTA) is a dictate to audience/visitors to incite an immediate response using an imperative phrase such as “call now“, “find out more” or “visit a store today” etc.

However, you can apply the trick either from your websites, blogs, and social media pages, or  buying online advertising on others’ channels. Online advertising uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to visitors. The message contains a Call-to-Action (CTA) linked directly to the landing page on your site that calls visitors to take some sort of action. If any action is made, your site generates a lead for which you, as an advertiser, have to pay. In the online advertising market, three main pricing models are: 

  • Cost Per Thousand, also known as cost per mille (CPM) means an advertiser pays each time an ad is displayed. This term indicates the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. CPM refers to the cost or expense incurred for every thousand potential customers who view the advertisement(s).
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) is an internet advertising model that is used to direct traffic to websites. In CPC, an advertiser pays a publisher (publishing website owner) when the ad is clicked. CPC advertising overcomes the problem that exists in the CPM pricing.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising lessens the risk of CPM and CPC advertising by charging only when an specific action is made. For this, there are two options: Cost Per Lead (CPL) advertising and Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising (i.e. affiliate marketing). Online Lead generation is a process of attracting and converting a visitor into the leads providing an offer. Visitors willingly provide their information in exchange of the offer, and leads are generated. In CPA campaigns, the advertiser typically pays for a completed sale involving a credit card transaction.

Landing Page: This page is not like other normal website pages on your site. A visitor often lands on the landing page for a particular purpose. This page is used for various purposes; one of its most frequent uses is to generate leads. A landing page is a particular page that contains valuable information about a particular offer and a form to download that offer. If visitors use this form to receive the offer, a lead will be generated.

  • Forms: Forms are mainly hosted on landing pages of the websites so that visitors can easily get their expected item(s) using that forms. A Form consists of a series of fields which are used to collect information of visitors in exchange of an important item that visitors expect from your site. You can’t gain leads without these forms.
  • Offer: You can put an offer on the landing page providing a valuable item which will be an expectation of your visitors. The offer must have enough value to your visitors so that they willingly provide their personal or company information in exchange of the offer. Offers include ebooks, whitepapers, free consultations, coupons and product demonstrations.

Social media: With the development of social media sites, it has been used by organizations and individuals to generate leads or gain business promotion. Individuals or businesses are using social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to market their new products and services. You can utilize social media for lead generation.

Steps on How To Conduct Effective Business Meetings

Owners of conglomerate groups must have a control over how to conduct effective business meetings. To learn about conducting effective meetings, all owners must concentrate to know the most effective meeting strategies. A meeting facilitator must be good at running effective meetings as well. The effective business meetings will add the real value to your business if you have ample knowledge about conducting effective meetings, and you should apply your expertise in your business policy. Effective meetings produce ideas, give direction, strengthen bonds and renew vigor. The definition of effective meeting denotes some collaborative work processes which are generally designed to answer some elements – who, why, how and what about a specific objective. If you look for tips as regards to conduct effective business meetings, find here some important effective meetings guidelines which will ask you to follow minutely.

Steps on How to Conduct Effective Business Meetings:

You are the owner of your company. The rise & fall of your business depend on your proper decision making. The decision making machine should be an effective meeting. For example, it may be that the last meeting of your company was unsuccessful. Generally this happening will push you to get frustrated as you can’t succeed to achieve the goal of your business in spite of taking different decisions in the meeting. This situation even makes you think about yourself that you are not an effective chairman or an active participant of the meeting because of shortage of knowledge on how to conduct effective business meetings. Here are some important guidelines for you. If you apply these guidelines properly to run effective business meetings, they will definitely help you obtain your business goal. As you are the owner as well as the chairman of your company, you should have knowledge on how to conduct effective business meetings. The key steps for an effective meeting to be taken by you as you are the chairman. Most important points relating to effective meeting are as follows:

  • Sending Written Agenda is crucial for conducting an effective business meeting:

Before calling a meeting and sending invitations to the participants who are attending the meeting, an agenda should be included with the invitation to conduct meetings effectively. Your agenda should include a list of points to be discussed in the meeting. This agenda should reach the attendees at least one day before the meeting. This will help the attendees think about matters, prepare before starting the meeting. In this case, all attendees can deliver similar advice to the meeting favoring company’s development.

  • Sort & Shorten Attendees in the list – unimportant persons to be excluded:

Important persons should not be absent from the meeting. It is generally seen while you are planning for conducting effective business meetings, important person like a Manager or an Executive is not present in the meeting. Due to his absence, some significant discussions can’t be discussed. As for conducting a fruitful business meeting, you should discard the unimportant persons and add important persons in the invitation list. The purpose of meetings is to make decisions and get work done fruitfully. Unfamiliar persons like friends of any other person should not be allowed in the meeting where you are going to make crucial decision for obtaining your business goal.

  • Manage the meeting by the clock:

It may not be extraneous to remind you the fact you might have had in your school life, what had happened whenever you attended your class room 5 or 10 minutes late. What behave did you get from your teacher who had already started teaching in the class room, and what the aftermath was? Similarly, if any invitee attends the business meetings late, you know what can happen. So watching the clock is important in an effective meeting.

  • Only Important Decisions to be taken in the meeting:

In order to get fruitful results, as a businessman, you must have knowledge about how to conduct an effective business meeting. Important discussions should be taken time to time conducting effective business meetings. It should be discussed and settled in the meeting which projects to be funded or which projects to be cancelled to materialize your business goal. This practice can ensure your business success. As you are aware of all aspects as regards to how to hold a business meeting, important information in this connection is required to be collected before the meeting starts.

  • Follow Up On The Meeting:

Following up on the meeting is one of the crucial practices which ensure the good output of an effective meeting. In order to get the best results of your business policy, following up (e.g. making a phone call, writing an email etc) the same day as the meeting is important to improve your business. So effective communication in business meetings can help improve all over the situation of your business:

The value of conducting effective business meetings largely impact on the enhancement of productivity of your business. It serves as the cornerstone for successful team-building and progress within an organization. Now you have got complete discussions on how to conduct effective business meetings. The above guidelines must be helpful for your business development.


Fixing problem Skype can’t connect Windows 7

Skype can’t connect

Error Image showing “Skype can’t connect”

You may encounter with a message “Skype can’t connect” during login after you had installed Skype in your Desktop PC. Whenever you find this message, you should consider it a normal problem. You can easily solve this problem. Considering that your software (Skype) is not latest version or your windows is not updated, you need to upgrade window or download latest version of Skype. If you are using Skype for Windows and your PC runs on Windows 7, you don’t need upgrade your Windows 7, just do the steps below. You will not face this problem more.

1- First uninstall old version of Skype from your PC.

2- Download Latest Skype version from official Skype website. I downloaded and installed Skype Version 6.14 on my PC which runs on Windows 7 and it is working well.

3- Install the Skype Version 6.14 on your PC and login. Now you will be easily connected to your Skype account without facing the message “Skype can’t connect.” OK?

If you find this article best for resolving the problem “Skype can’t connect,” please don’t hesitate to share it to others.

-Wahedul Haque

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Technology for the blind

NFB“Live the life you want,” these are words depicted by NFB. This Federation is cordially benevolent to the blind around the word, and are working for them since long. The Federation believes that Blindness can’t be the identity of life style of the sightless: the blind can live their normal lives like other sighted live. This is absolutely correct because our everyday expectations and achievements are moving ahead simultaneously among the sightless and sighted. Blind people are no more considered burden in the world. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. In our modern technology, everything is attainable. NFB taking the advantages of modern technology, always providing their all out support to the blind so that they can live their normal lives in the midst of sighted.

Once one of my friends attended the NFB convention where he experienced an amazing moment. Mebeto Lure Jung, a blind participant, was scrolling the Facebook icons on his Smartphone which was making sounds that my friend could not understand. The sound was moving way so fast that he could not realize its meaning. But Mebeto Lure Jung was navigating very easily his internet which was based on audio form. The screen was displaying images, Mebeto was screening without seeing those images. He has been blind since the age of five.

Anybody who attends this convention will hear that a large number of mobiles making these sounds. This app was figured out by Apple that made the blind accessible to their mobile hand set. However, technologies support all the people whether they are blind or sighted. All the people on earth will move ahead together. This is the perspective which the modern technology follows.

OwnfoneAmong the number of manufacturers of modern devices OwnFone, a firm based in London released a phone Last year which is the world’s first Braille phone. This phone is customizable because the front and back side shaped in 3D style and capable of using 3D printing techniques. Though many other companies have produced such kind of phone in the last years, OwnFone’s phone is in the 1st place in overall sales. The manufacturer can put raised text which will be furnished on key pad of the phone because it will be easier to read by the blinds who are accustomed to the Braille systems. The phone was invented by Tom Sunderland, and this phone is available in the UK market. As the cost of the phone is comparatively low, it’s sold in a large number comparing other Braille phone. This is the phone which bears Braille Buttons on its keypad which can be personalized for its 3D printing aspects. So, it is cost-effective and fast moving. The blind users, their friends & family can be connected instantly each other and it has been designed according to their needs of the blind.

DagarPhone-Sumit Dagar, an Indian designer who tries to make the interactive functions, reveals himself as the “insanely passionate” for designing newly technical devices. He is always thinking to invent a new design in the technology market. This innovative person invented a new phone based on the Braille system with the fast impressing purpose to reflect visually disabled population to overcome many obstacles they face both in their careers and in their daily lives.

Hence the technological supports can’t be figure out futile. It is always the symbol of renovation and reconciliation of peoples’ living styles. All people on earth will get equal advantages. Blinds are not exception to attain their fundamental possession. So NFB’s slogan “Live the life you want” is really appropriate for the blind. This organization stirs on the blind’s mind emitting the optimistic spark on their head that can help them move ahead safely. As the Braille system is being used by the blind around the world with their respective native languages, the Braille phone will also reach all the blinds around the world.

As the technology is building everyday opportunities to meet our constant needs, those who are sightless can’t be deprived of getting the outcome of technological inventions. All the sightless around the world are getting their everyday technical support from NFB. They must get the privilege of utilizing technological supports whenever a new thing is innovated on the Earth.

-Wahedul Haque

Things you can take as inspirations before inception of a new business

When you desire for starting a work, you require motivations which thrust you ahead. Likewise the work, you will need motivation before inception of a new business. Motivation works like impulse, which inspires you to get to a work. If you require impulse to get the motivation which will give you energy to get to try for a new business, the following points are considerable to get motivated for inception of a new business:

You can get inspired by Noah
If you want to be a successful businessman, you should follow some advice provided you can find here before starting a new business that will allow to being a renowned enterpriser. Noah is man without any self egotism rather than he is working as an adviser for the new businessmen.

Interesting information you can find here
If you read this site, you will find interesting stories about business along with technology aspects. I regularly open this site to read the related stories. You will find here different newsletters, but my favorite is technology aspects. This site contains materials which are informative & interesting to those who are technology fans.

Technology and other aspects can help
I have already said, “Motivation is an aspect which is required at the outset of a business.” All beginners of new business can find amazing information from this site. You can also find some policies here to develop your skill on various aspects such as email marketing strategies, content marketing, sales funnels, lead generation, and more. The articles you will find here are informative because of their in depth and actionable advices that is easy to follow, and these will improve your starting thoughts for new business.

Learn about funding your business
I will tell you about a site which is full of articles about funding your business. Read this site before starting your business, how to manage your fund. You will find here lot of announcements about funding which are from the tech investors and entrepreneurs of apex level. Fund arrangement and fund management are particular things you have to learn about. Before starting your business, you consider these aspects to succeed in the business filed.

Product Management needs to be ascertained
In order to fix your ceiling of knowledge about business management, here is a site you can follow. Before starting a new business, you have to think about some aspects which can be found here at the site. Likewise the fund management, I discussed earlier, product management is also important you have think about as you are founder of a new business. Follow the site about product management aspect here.

Inception is not end, development is its fruit
You have started your business, but there is no development yet. You should know why it does. It can be resolved; you do follow the advices of business development. What are happening and forthcoming trending of a business, you will learn everything here.

SEO is for technology business
I like Ana Hoffman’s blog very much. She has written regarding SEO in the simplest way which is much informative. In the modern technology business, it gives better motivations about the technology marketing. You will be much inspired from her writing; you read the blog at her site minutely.

Learn about how to keep capital database
You have to collect data about deals and trends of a particular business. You don’t know the analysis for market potentiality. Data collection is an important aspect to become a successful businessman. Here is a website which can help the entrepreneurs because of its opulence of the latest data about finance & other things that a founder could need.

Harold S. Geneen said, “In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.”

So, think about the things I described above; get experienced, get inspired, get to work accordingly, and then cash & advancement will come soon.

-Wahedul Haque

Promotional strategies to increase sales

Promotional Strategy denotes a process that lets your organization to focus on how to increase sales of your products, how to attract new customers day by day, and how to gain a durable competitive result. Though promotional strategy vary business-to-business considering categories of products and consumers, a powerful set of promotional strategies can help place your organization in a favourable light with not only current customers but new ones as well. You can make plan for short-term or long term strategies. Your promotional strategies may change day by day considering overall situation of the market. The development of the strategy depends on the business environment, both internal and external. It requires to perceiving different factors of the external environment, including technological, economical, cultural, political and legal aspects. Goals have to be determined, and then the necessary strategy will give an explanation of what specific actions will be taken over time to achieve the goals. In this case, everything should be based on consumers’ benefits. What benefits have been considered using your products will depend on your durable plans. As the promotional strategies differ considering the unique situation of the individual business based on product categories, your organization must think of some basic points as promotional strategies to increase sales as below:

Ask your product consumers
Ask your consumers about your products, but questions should involve the consumers’ interest. Include the information to your questions to impulse consumers to think of your products. Prepare questions about how and why the consumers will buy your products. Entice people to buy your product and make them your regular consumers. You have to ask them what their attitudes about your products are. Like this, if you produce something to be used for cleaning floor, you should ask people, “How often do you clean the floors? How much you spend monthly for cleaning floor?” The answers of these questions will help you make decision to measure volume and price of the product that can help consumers try to buy your product within their scope. Before planning for promotional strategies, you have to think with these ways.

Confirm intimacy with the consumers
In order to measure the public opinion, you have to show your intimacy with the consumers becoming nearness of the customer. Ask the consumers purchasing your products about their personal tastes of the products they are using. Are they thinking of other products instead of yours? Are the products having anything exclusive quality for which they have decided to buy those products instead of yours? You have to show more intimacy with the consumers so that they really think about your products. Let your consumers get updated your products. If you think of the following quote of Lou Gerstner, an American businessman, you will guess the importance of intimacy with the consumers.

“We built this company from the customer back, not from the company out.” Lou Gerstner, IBM (who travelled over 1,000,000 miles to visit customers during his nine years as CEO)

Don’t let your consumers get disappointed
Before productions, you must think of the number of consumers purchasing your products. Before selling products, limit the number of your products as per consumers’ limit so that everybody gets your products. Never disappoint your consumers, creating advance shortage of products. Instead keep signboards in the retail stores showing ‘Limit of 2 items per person’ or ‘Due to high demand and short supply, we are sorry but can only sell five items per person.’ You should not penalize people for coming back and buying more. Notice and warn retailers not to penalize people for coming back and buying more. In a business-to-business situation, illustrate that you are facing difficulties with your raw material suppliers, and to be clear to all customers, you can only take orders a maximum number of items this month or week. In this case, you can make them confident about your supply of products saying like this:

“In the past there has been regular shortages of raw materials, we are still trying to continue our production considering consumer’s interest. We will be capable to minimize the deficiency of raw materials within couple of days, so no shortage will remain more to solve production difficulties.”

Consumer Conference Motivation Program
The consumer conference motivation program is a way to motivate current consumers to prescribe new consumers to your store. In some cases, your slogan should announce the public with the words like-free products, big discounts and cash rewards etc. These are some of the motivations you can apply to entice your consumers. This is a promotional strategy that can uplift your consumers’ base as a sales force.

Online Video Display and Media
Videos are an effective way to promote business in the modern era. Besides, your organization can also take facilities of the media – television, radio, newspapers etc. to promote its products. You can create a account and place your video in online business publications or social networking sites whatever you like.

Survey After-Sales
By contacting over telephone or through mailing your consumers after sale, is a promotional strategy that can obtain the customer satisfaction. If you are an efficient organization, you must make survey calls to customers to gather information for the products; it can later be used for making further decision to promote sales of your products. Ask questions to the customers relating to the way the customers feel about the products and services purchased. This is a best promotional strategy that serves in two ways, one that cares what the customer thinks and the other that is always striving to provide the best service and product.

In order to consider the consumers’ interest, think about the points described above, and try again to catch a glimpse of above points to optimize your strategies. I think now you are aware of the fact what strategies are important to achieve your business goals.

-Wahedul Haque


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