What is self-esteem and how to build self-esteem?

I often heard my father telling my mother, “Praise helps children develop a sense of self worth.” Following these words, my mother always tried to praise me for my works, so I used to do my work more devotedly. As I was young, I could not realize what my father actually wanted to mean with the words, self worth. Actually my mother applied these tricks to develop my sense of self-worth or self-esteem. As my parents knew how to build self esteem in children, they would practice these tricks. Now I am in remembrance of my father’s words which are very important and to be applied for increasing self value of our children. Self worth and self esteem are equal. Both help increase self confidence in a child. The self esteem or self worth is important quality within a man that helps develop a man’s good character which is a great expectation of all people. In general, these words mean: “the feeling within you that you are as important as other people and that you deserve to be treated well.”

You may want to know more on, “What is self esteem?” Right, it is really an important part of a man to achieve success in life. If someone has too little self esteem, he always considers himself a defeated person and feels depressed.  Those people who have too little self esteem can’t make proper decision in right time and always make bad choices that can fall them into destructive situation. It can also be seen in thosee people who have too little self esteem can’t keep long lasting relationships with their life partners and they fail to live their up to full potential. On the contrary, too much self esteem has bad impacts on man.  People with too much self esteem always show their aggressive and violent behavior. So you can easily understand that both too little and too much self esteem are bad, but middle realistic positive view is the ideal.

However, all people should have knowledge on what the self esteem  and self confidence actually mean. And it is also importance to know how to increase self confidence in their children. Even if you know how to improve your confidence, then it is a symbol of having self worth in you. People should be aware of their children’s development of characters which bears the importance of self esteem. They should learn from where the self esteem comes and what the aftermath of self esteem is in life?

What exactly is Self Esteem?

In general, self esteem is the feeling within you that you are as important as other people and that you deserve to be treated well. Self esteem is a psychological term which denotes a person’s overall sense of self value or self worth. It also includes a plurality of beliefs about the self. For example, emotions, beliefs, the appraisal of one’s own appearance, and behaviors.

According to Branden, 1969’s “Psychology of self-esteem,” self-esteem means:

“the disposition to experience oneself as competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and as worthy of happiness”, and proposed that, while others (parents, teachers, friends) can nurture and support self-esteem in an individual, self-esteem also relies upon various internally generated practices.”

The above words give the clear meaning of what the self worth or self esteem actually involves. Self esteem is a very essential part for survival and development of human life. Based on an individual’s consciousness and belief, self esteem arises automatically from within. Self worth can’t alone occur in an individual. It occurs in conjunction with feelings, thoughts, behavior, and actions of an individual.

Several factors impact on Self-Esteem:

In consideration of importance of self esteem, there are several factors which have great impact on self esteem. Among them, genetic factor that has a great impact on self worth affecting a person’s overall personality. For example, some people rigorously receive extremely critical and negative assessments from their family members, friends, and especially from their caregiver, generally face problems with too little self esteem. They can’t increase self confidence. Remember that if you know how to improve your confidence, then it is a symbol of your capability of increasing your self esteem.

Self-Esteem has its different synonyms:

As you have already seen throughout the article some words that have been used for expressing the same meaning of self esteem; it indicates wide importance of self esteem. So you shouldn’t misunderstand with these words. The words self-worth, self-respect, and self-value are of equal meaning.

How to build self esteem in your children?

You know babies are born with their individual human instincts. As life advances, various aspects like expectations, comments, and attitudes of the other men help build self esteem in children. It is not only for a child, building self esteem in a man is a precondition of leading happy, placid and contented life. It also helps your child learn how to have self confidence. If parents can build self esteem in their children, it will be a great gift that will keep parents happy, and their children will also be grown up with a happy mood. Those children who have self esteem always feel loved and competent; and as a result, they can build their life with happiness and potentiality. In order to build self esteem in your children, you should consider at least following 4 practices to be assigned on your children:

Don’t impose extremely critical and negative assignments: If children rigorously receive extremely critical and negative assignments from their parents, they generally face problems with too little self esteem and can’t increase self confidence. Let your children do something which is bearable for them.

Choice Offer: Offering your children a choice help build self esteem in them. Suppose at your breakfast table you make an offer of choice either of eggs or pancakes. It will help them make a difficult choice which teaches them to meet new challenges. This practice certainly helps building self esteem in your children.

Self help practice: You can let your child put on his school dress himself. This practice will teach him how to meet new challenges, and how to have self confidence which is a part of building self esteem in a child.

Don’t gush or offer insincere praise to your child. Children can grasp your insincere praise or baseless compliments which can greatly impact in building self esteem in them. Suppose, your child has drawn a picture which looks mazy, instead of rebuking your child’s drawing with, you can say, “Wow, that’s great. You’re the best artist in the world,” try something like. This praise will help building self confidence in him that increases self esteem in him. If you know how to improve your confidence, then you can ultimately apply this trick for your child.

Finally, if you notice that your children seem to feel good about themselves and having knowledge on how to have self confidence, you can consider your children have good sense of self value within them which is called self-esteem. If they lack it, you should make them practice above 4 (four) practices which will grow their self esteem. So, don’t ask me again, “What is self esteem?” The man who has self esteem can increase self confidence.

Importance of heart rate monitoring !

Importance of Heart Rate Monitoring !

You may not familiar with what a target heart rate means. You are certainly conscious for your health, and you should have knowledge about target heart rate. The movement of blood around your body is the result of how often blood is pumped by your heart. If there is any discrepancy with the heart function, it causes a dangerous effect on your health. A large number of people of modern civilization are suffering from heart problems, so they should get familiar with heart functions. In order to get you familiarized with some points relating heart problems, I appended below some of them:

What Heart Rate means: Just for clarification, pulse means the rate at which your heart is beating. Again your pulse means your heart rate. The heart rate means the number of times your heart beats per minute (bpm). Experts say if people want to get familiarized with heart functions, they should know what heartbeat rate is, and what the target heart rate is.

Target Heart Rate: While you are exercising, the target heart rate of yours will be the number of heart beats per minute. The target heart rate of every person is required to ascertain fitness level of a man, and if a person can check his target heart rate, he can avoid under or over training. Both the under and over training affect severely the quality of the work out. When a person’s heart rate is too low, it means under-training. Over-training is also dangerous. It pushes us to grave panic for sudden heart attack that can causes death. We should not be a miser to spend for heart health. Remember what Arlen Specter said:

“Heart disease continues to be the number one killer;
Cancer, the number 2 killer, not far behind.
The tragic aspect of these deadly diseases is
That they could all be cured, I do believe,
If we had sufficient funding.”

The best way to avoid either of these scenarios is to continuously monitor your heart rate. The heartbeat can be measured with heart’s rhythm and strength, whether your blood vessel flowing hard or soft. Changes in your heart rate or rhythm, a weak pulse, or a hard blood vessel may be caused by heart problems. In order to remain firm minded, you can use heart rate monitor watch as armband to measure regular heart rate. So, now you must be cautious about what aftermath of your negligence can create your heart problem, why don’t you use an instrument that can help you measure the heart rate regularly?

For getting exact measure of heart rate, Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Aramband, an instrument you can rely on to measure regular heart rate. To know more on this instrument, visit here Power of Heart Rate Monitoring Armband.


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