How To Generate High Quality Leads?

How to generate high quality leads? Before trying generating leads, you must first consider the lead quality. You need quality leads to be generated. It is UN-doubting that high quality leads can be generated taking up simply a few tricks which are really productive. But all tricks can’t be the preconditions of generating get-more-leadshigh quality leads which are called the vertebral columns to build a B2B business on the ground. Considering the importance of leads to a business, generating leads can’t guarantee that they will instantly give you cash flow.  For online lead generation, quality is a must. If visitors are not willing to purchase your products, then the leads can’t give you cash flow. So, high quality leads are preconditions of generating sales that will give you cash flow in return. In order to generate high quality leads, there are various b2b lead generation strategies you can apply to generate high quality leads that work well.

Social media to generate high quality leads:

As the social media is now governing the internet marketing world, they are being utilized for lead generation as well. You can also generate high quality leads through social media. If you  apply following qualified lead generation strategies, visitors will consistently click through your links which will generate leads generating sales as well as cash flow for your business. This post will help you understand how you can generate high quality leads through social media.

1. Choose the right social media channel(s):

Before starting your quality lead generation campaign with social media, you have to decide which social media will be suitable for your business. Considering the importance of leads to your business, you may start your campaign with good strategies and tactics but you are trying using wrong channel, in that case, you can’t generate high quality leads. It is learnt that most of the B2B marketers gain 44% leads through LinkedIn, 39% through Facebook and 30% through Twitter. So you should become aware of this fact before choosing a social media channel for lead generation.

2. You can generate high quality leads with LinkedIn:

Since most B2B marketers are depending on LinkedIn for lead generation, you can also start with this media. As it is learnt that on June 13, 2016, Microsoft announced plans to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. The acquisition was actually completed on December 8, 2016. Following the acquisition by Microsoft, more professionals are networking and connecting on this platform. Keep in mind, the LinkedIn, unlike Twitter or Facebook, is built for professionals and business owners to connect. In contrast, Twitter and Facebook are built for anyone with a wi-fi connection. So, taking help of LinkedIn you can start. It can help with the high quality leads generation very well.

  • Use SlideShare: Offering a free sample, you can directly connect with potential high quality leads through LinkedIn. If you have a high quality sample or presentation, it will help you reach this goal. Use SlideShare for lead generation. SlideShare is a website launched on October 4, 2006. After its (SlideShare) acquisition by Linkedin in 2012, it has been developed more….. The website is considered to be similar to YouTube, but for slideshows, it is a Web 2.0-based slide hosting service. You can upload files here in different formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument. If you are a LinkedIn user, you have scope to use it for lead generation. With SlideShare, create slide decks that offer industry insights and other relevant data to your consumers, to drive high quality leads. Just link your account with LinkedIn, and always include a call to action at the end of the slide.

3. Generate high quality leads with Facebook:

For lead generation online, you can use Facebook. One thing that differs from other social medias, is you will have to invest some money into an ad campaign at some point. But it is good that Facebook ads are less than half the price ($0.80) per click compared to Adwords ($2.50). So, if you have the budget (or you want to try to beat the algorithm and do it organically), there are many ways to generate high quality leads through Facebook. Through Facebook ads, you can put a clear call to action (CTA) with a professional photo which will entice people to create your leads.

Run contests and giveaways: As People love competitions and free stuff, you can apply this opportunity to generate high quality leads with Facebook Ads declaring a contest and giveaway. Depending on your business, you can offer a book or free coaching, etc. If you think anything like this that will get people to willingly provide their name and email into the CTA box which will serve you well for obtaining leads.

4. Easy way to generate high quality leads with Twitter:

Twitter works as an online news and social networking service where people can post and interact with messages. When you post and interact with a message, it is called tweet. You can tweet writing maximum 140 characters in a tweet. If you are a registered user, you can tweet, but an unregistered user can only read a message, can’t tweet. Like LinkedIn, Twitter is a powerful social media you can use it for lead generation. If you use Twitter with some strategies, high quality leads generation in it is very easy. Use Twitter cards which are lead-generation tools you can use it like Facebook ads; it has become very popular in the last years. When you are using Twitter cards, you can get the full advantages of Facebook ads, but you should use attractive images that can attract the audience. As you do with Facebook ads, be sure to take full advantage of Twitter cards by using images that encourage people to buy your products.

So, among various types of b2b lead generation strategies, above tricks are mostly used. Whether the lead generation using social media gives you a rich or poor result, yet there is a good chance to generate high quality leads using above tricks. But lead quality should be given the first priority. So, considering the importance of leads to business, and applying the above tactics, you can generate more leads which will be generally higher-quality leads.

Different Types of Protein, Protein Foods, and Protein functions in your body

Image showing high protein foods
Image showing high protein foods

Human body is composed of many different types of cells that together create tissues. Every cell contains proteins. So, your body needs protein to survive. There are various types of proteins available in different protein foods. You should know about different functions of proteins and what the protein foods are. This article will help you learn about protein, different types of protein and protein foods. The article will help you understand which foods contain what types of protein and what the protein functions are.

What are proteins?

What are proteins? Proteins are very important elements as there are various functions of proteins in your body. Proteins are called the building blocks of life. Every cell in the human body contains proteins. In fact, the basic structure of protein is a chain of amino acids. Protein consists of hundreds or thousands of smaller units of amino acids. These are attached to one another in long chains. Research has proved that there are 20 different types of amino acids; all these acids can be combined to make a protein. In order to help your body repair cells and make new ones, you require protein in your diet. In addition to these, protein is also important for growth & development in children, teens, and pregnant women who become more eater at that time.

What does protein do?

What does protein do in your body? There are various functions of proteins in your body. Some of them are carrying important things from place to place in the body. They are kind of like the post office that delivers different information to different receivers. Some proteins act like little machines that put new molecules together or break old ones apart. Some proteins work like doors to let things in and out of a cell. In fact, proteins have different activities and they do all of these activities inside your body. Protein consists of hundreds or thousands of smaller units of amino acids. The interesting is that the sequence of amino acids determine each protein’s unique 3-dimensional structure (shape) and its specific function. Proteins are described according to each protein function in the body.

Proteins do most of the works in cells and are required for the structure, protein function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should obtain 10 percent to 25 percent of your daily calorie needs from protein.

Different types of protein and various protein functions:

There are different types of proteins and different functions of proteins. Based on the amino acid sequence, proteins have various shapes and molecular weights. For instance, hemoglobin (details are given below) is a globular protein, that means it folds into a compact globe-like structure, but collagen protein (details are given below) which is found in our skin, is a fibrous protein, that means this protein folds into a long extended fiber-like chain. However, there are different types of proteins, protein functions, and various sources of each protein – let’s see how they work:

Protein Name Description/Functions of proteins in the body
Antibody (Defensive) Antibody (Defensive): Antibodies are proteins that obstruct to specific foreign particles, such as viruses and bacteria, to help protect your body. They are core parts of your immune system, keeping diseases away. Antibodies are formed in the white blood cells, and attack bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms rendering them inactive. There are a few medications that can be taken to increase antibodies, but eating the right foods can have the same effect without side effects.
Some natural effective sources of protein (antibody) are: Egg yolks, Nuts, Tuna, lobster, shrimp, brown rice, cottage cheese, chicken (white meat), sunflower seeds, garlic, and lamb chops.
Enzyme (Enzymatic protein – go faster) Enzyme (Enzymatic protein – go faster): Enzymatic protein accelerate metabolic processes in your body cells, including liver functions, stomach digestion, blood clotting, and converting glycogen to glucose. Enzymatic proteins carry out almost all of thousands of chemical reactions that take place in cells. Enzymatic proteins also assist with the formation of new molecules by reading the genetic information stored in DNA. Enzymes are like little machines; some of them build bigger molecules from smaller blocks, and some of them break bigger molecules down into smaller parts. Whether building or breaking, most enzymes can do this 50 to 5,000 times per second. In fact, one reaction that is part of the way your body makes new hemoglobin would take 2.3 billion years without an enzyme.
Your saliva glands, stomach, small intestine, and pancreas make different kinds of enzymes to digest, or break down the food you eat into molecules which your cells can use. Amylase is an enzyme made by your saliva glands to help break starch down into sugar.
While all raw foods contain enzymes, the most powerful enzyme-rich foods are those that are sprouted (seeds and legumes). Sprouting increases the enzyme content in these foods tremendously. Other enzyme-rich foods include – papaya, pineapple, mango, kiwi, and grapes, avocado, raw honey (the enzymes actually come from the bee’s saliva), and bee pollen.
Messenger (Hormonal Protein) Messenger (Hormonal Protein): Hormones are protein-based chemicals which are secreted by cells of the endocrine glands. Endocrine glands are glands of the endocrine system that secrete their products (hormones) directly into the blood rather than through a duct. These hormones regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood. The major glands of the endocrine system include the pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, hypothalamus, and adrenal glands. Hormones are transported through the blood. Hormones act as chemical messengers that transmit signals from one cell to another. Each hormone affects the particular cells in your body, known as target cells. Such cells have specific receptors on which the hormone attaches itself to transmit the signals. An example of a hormonal protein is insulin, which is secreted by the pancreas to regulate the levels of blood sugar in your body.
Some natural sources of hormonal proteins are: Eggs, Nuts, Poultry etc.
Structural component (Structural protein) Structural component (Structural protein): These proteins provide structure and support for cells. On a larger scale, these proteins also allow the body to move. An important job these proteins do is providing structure. Collagen, keratin and elastin are most remarkable among different types of protein. Collagen, like glue, holds different parts of your body together, and makes up about 25% of all the protein found in your body. Collagen connects and supports your muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, organs, cartilage, and even holds your skin together. Keratin is the main structural component in hair, nails, teeth and skin. Collagen works with keratin to provide the skin with strength, smoothness, elasticity and resilience. Elastin is a highly elastic protein in connective tissue and allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched.

Some natural sources of structural proteins are: meat, eggs, beans, cabbage, soy products, red fruits and vegetables, carrot, lemons, and oranges.

Transport (Transport protein) Transport (Transport protein): These proteins bind (tie) and carry atoms and small molecules within cells and throughout the body. These proteins mainly store mineral ions such as potassium in your body. Iron, for example, is an ion required for the formation of hemoglobin, the main structural component of red blood cells. Ferritin, a storage protein, regulates and guards against the adverse effects of excess iron in your body. Ovalbumin and casein are storage protein found in breast milk and egg whites, respectively, that play a huge role in embryonic development.
Transport protein help move other molecules around your body. Hemoglobin, for example, carries oxygen to body tissues from the lungs. Serum albumin carries fats in your bloodstream, while myoglobin absorbs oxygen from hemoglobin and then releases it to the muscles. Calbindin is another transport protein that facilitates the absorption of calcium from the intestinal walls.
Some natural sources of transport proteins are: Red meats, Hen’s egg, fish, poultry, vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains.
Receptors (Channel protein – molecular doorways) Receptors (Channel protein – molecular doorways): Cells have to be able to get stuff (including water and nutrients) in and out, just like a business would have to do. Raw materials have to enter, things that they make need to go out, and of course they need to be able to communicate with the outside world. There are lots of ways to get things in and out of a cell, but one way is with a channel protein.
A channel protein acts like a doorway with a security guard posted next to it. It will only let certain molecules in or out of the cell. Some channel protein are open all the time and some can be opened and closed depending on signals sent from the cell or received from the environment.
Some receptors activate enzymes, while others stimulate endocrine glands to secrete epinephrine and insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.
Examples of channel proteins include chloride, sodium, calcium, and potassium ion channels.
Contractile (Motor protein) Contractile (Motor protein): Contractile proteins, also known as motor proteins, regulate the strength and speed of heart and muscle contractions in your body. These proteins are actin and myosin. These proteins can cause heart complications if they produce severe contractions. Actins are highly conserved proteins that are involved in cell motility, structure and integrity. Myosin converts chemical energy in the form of ATP to mechanical energy, thus generating force and movement. Actin filaments, usually in association with myosin, are responsible for many types of cell motility.
Muscles are composed of two major protein filaments: a thick filament composed of the myosin protein and a thin filament composed of the actin protein. Muscle contraction occurs when these filaments slide over one another in a series of repetitive events. A filament is a “long chain of protein, such as those found in hair, muscle, or in flagella.” They are often bundled together for strength and rigidity.
Foods contain the most actin and myosin are: Meat, fish, eggs, cheese, quinoa, soya beans, nuts, seeds.

Now it is clear to you that there are different types of proteins & their functions are different. You have got a thorough explanation of: “What does protein do in your body?” Eat foods containing various types of protein like antibody, enzyme, messenger, structural protein, transport protein, receptors, contractile, your body requires all these protein. While some foods like red meats, eggs, fish, poultry, shrimp, chicken (white meat), cheese, contain a large amount of protein contain a lot of protein, some other foods like peanut, chickpea (gram), beans, lentils, seeds, sunflower seeds, garlic, papaya, pineapple, mango, grapes, bee pollen, red fruits, carrot, lemons, oranges also provide plenty of protein your body needs. Select your own diet from the variety of protein foods as your daily consumption to improve nutrient intake & health benefits – all these foods should not be consumed per day.

Reference: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture. 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 8th Edition. December 2015. Available at

Quantum Physics And Spirituality!

What is Quantum Physics?

If there is a question in your mind like this – ‘what is the source of manifestation of a thing in the universe,’ you have to learn about Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics is a branch of physics concerning the quantum theory, a theory of matter & energy based on the concept of quanta.

Learning about Quantum Physics will help you understand about spirituality. The quantum physics and spirituality are interconnected – they provide with detailed study of how everything in the universe has come to exist beginning at the atomic and sub-atomic levels. In other words, Quantum Physics is an in-depth study of building blocks of the entire universe, both the seen & unseen things.

The Quantum Physics analyzes things that we experience in various forms and trace them back to where from they originated & derived, from which pure energy or light consists. The purest form of energy refers to wave forms of probability that exist within an Infinite field of probabilities. Quantum Physics shows the Universe to be a single gigantic field of energy in which matter is just a ‘slowed down form’ of energy. Einstein also expressed the same view – matter & energy are really different forms of the same thing.

The more intriguing fact is – the existence of an observer is fundamental to the existence of the Universe, a concept known as ‘The Observer Effect’ that implies the Universe is a product of consciousness (i.e. God’s Mind).

Quantum Physics and Spirituality:

The quantum physics helps us understand the meaning of spirituality. Generally, spirituality refers to a religious process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of man (in Islamic culture, a soul’s attainment of Nafs-Ul-Mutmainnah, the purest form of energy – the righteous soul).” The founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world exemplifies that God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God – “…. God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” – Genesis 1:27. Another religious text, “When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him (Adam) of My spirit, fall ye down in obedience unto him,” we find in the Holly Quran 38:71-72. This divine reflection (breathed spirit) has raised Adam to the position of the vicegerent of Allah. Both the male and female (mankind) were created in the image of God but most of them have lost this image, have made themselves corrupted, and have lost their original shape (Nafs-Ul-Mutmainnah the righteous soul).

We should remember that the divine reflection on Adam’s body has raised Adam to the position of Vicegerent of Allah, and made him that worthy being before whom all angels (except Inblish) should bow down.  Both the words ‘reflection’ and ‘image’ are semantically synonyms. The problem is in the translation of words and their usages. Think about when science dug deep, it found that only energy is, and when religion delved deep it found that only spirit or atman or soul is – the difference is only in their forms i.e. pure energy (wave form) and energy, soul, atman are same things (in crude form). Crude form of energy (the average energy, soul, atman) may be transformed into the purest form of energy (wave form) but how – this the mystery of spirituality.

Energy is fundamental to the existence of everything, including you & me — we are made of Energy. Quantum Physics teaches us about this mystery. To understand the mystery, the studies of both science and religion are important.  Einstein rightly says, “Without religion science is lame, without science religion is blind.” Quantum Physics gives us an in-depth scientific knowledge on spirituality but most people don’t have idea about this.

Quantum physics tells us that there is a field (God’s mind) that bubbles everything (enlivens and inspires each essence of a thing to manifest a new form). Matter (a form of energy) comes into existence when particle light of an atom (the essence in inertia/the probability within an atom) interacts with God’s mind (every interaction occurs by spirit/ruh), the essence in inertia comes into existence in a new form.

God’s Mind is keeping everything to become light, the pure energy. For light, the whole universe is a dot, everything is one. We are on the slower than light side of the wall and therefore move and think within time and space. How does time & space disappear or come into being has been discussed in Sufism (BAQA and FANA)? Einstein’s great insight was to realize that matter & energy are really different forms of the same thing – like an Ice Cube dissolves in water (changing form of Ice Cube to form of Water) that can again become Ice Cube (form of Water to form of Ice Cube). As the spirituality refers to a religious process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of man (i.e. a soul’s attainment of Nafs-Ul-Mutmainnah, the pure energy).” With the doing of wrong deed our souls have been crude (corrupted). The crude form of energy (the average energy, soul, atman) can again become the purest form of energy (wave form) – this the mystery of spirituality.

What Is The Difference Between Knowledge And Wisdom?

The words “Knowledge” and “Wisdom” are not to be confused with the similar meaning. Each of the word has different meaning. Reading this post will dispel the confusion about the meanings. In general, “Knowledge” means a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something. According to the scholastic treasury house, “wiki,” wisdom or sapience is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight, especially in a mature or utilitarian manner.

The people having utilitarian attitude believe that something is morally right if it helps a majority of people. Anybody having utilitarian attitude possesses wisdom, and for this, he can differentiate a fact whether it is true or false. Many people believe when we grow older, our sapience also increases as we gradually gain knowledge and experience. So the knowledge comes first, then the wisdom.

The word “sapience” means a quality of being wise. Wisdom produces the word “sapient” which is generally used to describe someone, like a brilliant, insightful teacher, or your wise little brother who always gives you the smartest advice when you need. You have a sapient father means your father has wisdom. Your father always makes various decisions rightly based on the knowledge and experience he has gathered. So he always succeeds in any tasks.

Knowledge means knowing what to say and wisdom means knowing when to say it:

Knowledge comes first, then wisdom. In a broader sense, knowledge means a general understanding or familiarity with a subject, place, skills, information or situation. On the other hand, the basic definition of wisdom is “the right use of knowledge.” An example will dispel the confusion about knowledge and wisdom. For example, you are a teacher and you have lots of knowledge on a particular subject, but you don’t know when it will be right for you to deliver the right information to the right students. Gathering knowledge is good, but it is not enough. Right use of knowledge is wisdom.

Gathering knowledge is important for progression & perfection of life. You should gather knowledge to explain it to other. Albert Einstein rightly said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Gathering knowledge is good, but not enough. If you want to get more acquainted with the words ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’, think about while the knowledge means a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning; on the contrary, wisdom denotes the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgments. Wisdom gives you ability to distinguish the true and false.

God is the only source of wisdom!

You have learnt that knowledge can be gathered through experience or education. The unbelievers, who have no religious beliefs, can’t guess what the wisdom means. God is the only source of wisdom. The following words from Ecclesiastes 2:26 clearly describe the facts of all wisdom being come from god:

“To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who pleases God. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” – Ecclesiastes 2:26

The believers are endowed with wisdom. Think about the verse taken from the Holly Quran relating to wisdom, you will understand that god gives wisdom to those who please god:

“He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding.” – Holly Quran 2:269

I hope you now have a good understanding of differences between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge can be gathered through experience or education, but wisdom acts upon the knowledge you gather. It is the fitting application of knowledge. So, it is truly said, “Knowledge is knowing what to say and Wisdom is knowing when to say it.” Correct use of knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to think & act using knowledge in a mature or utilitarian manner. And it is true that the man who pleases him, God gives him wisdom, knowledge and happiness.


Physical Heart Vs Spiritual Heart

Physical Heart Vs Spiritual Heart – which is to be considered at first? People in general, know that the human Heart is only a piece of flesh located within the center of everybody’s chest. They know only about the heart’s physical functionality – the heart transmits blood carrying oxygen to each cell of the body. Then cells use nutrients from food & oxygen to create ATP (the energy source) that fuels cell functionality. Besides these, the heart contains a prime gift which is the ark of spiritual treasure. So, the heart is the cause behind all of human intuitive deeds. Above all the Intuition is a spiritual faculty. The Pinterest also says this, “God gives intuition to the heart.” God communicates to His creatures with the voice of intuition. It (intuition) is the gift from God to all created beings including human beings.

Understanding the Spiritual Aspects of Human Heart!

The source of spirituality is the spirit within your heart. Researchers and authors of The Spiritual Brai, Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary, had this to say:

“Spirituality means any experience that is thought to bring the experiencer into contact with the divine.”

If one can develop spiritual knowledge through practices, he can contact with the divine and can hear and grasp God’s voice. God communicates with men in different ways. One of these ways is “revelation” that can take forms of either inspiration or intuition. Inspiration works with the brain while intuition with the heart. God uses both of these manners of influence to help navigate our lives and fulfill our purposes.

The inspiration comes from the outside world while the intuition from within. Inspiration works with your 5 sensors – eye, ear, nose, skin and tongue. When one of these sensors contacts with outward things, your brain helps make you feel or understand it instantly. On the contrary, your heart has a great role for spiritual function. In Sufism, the Qalb is the heart of human being. Among three central ideas in Sufism, the Qalb (Arabic: قلب‎) is one of them [other two ideas: nafs (self) & ruh (spirit)]. The heart holds the divine spark i.e. spirit (ruh). For holding this spirit, the Qalb implies the spiritual heart. The physical heart supplies blood to the body while the spiritual heart nourishes a soul supplying wisdom and spiritual light in the form of intuition, the way through which God interacts with man.

Not only with man, God interacts even with the animal through this way. For example, God alert ants about impending threats and disasters; so, the ants can sense earthquakes a day in advance. The ants’ intuitive faculty is expressed in the Holy Quran – And when they came across a valley of ants, an ant warned, “O ants! Go quickly into your homes so Solomon and his armies do not crush you, unknowingly.”-(Al Quran 27:18), it’s hearts intuitive deed, we find it in ordinary creatures (ants).

However, intuition works for all human beings irrespective of religion, even for atheists, as God loves all his creatures and cares for them. And for the intuition, all discoveries of the world are being made. So, our brain & heart are gateways for communication with the material world & God. It is the ruh (spirit) God has infused in our heart that enables us to experience the universe as well as God. For the spirit within, Rabindranath Tagore rightly said, “I can perceive the man of my heart (god) dwells within, and so I find him everywhere.” This is for the spirituality of heart.

God advised us to perform regular prayers that can generate two-way communication. Dr. Wayne Dyer rightly said, “If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.” If you can spend some time in mystical contemplation that is undisturbed and focused – shut out the noise and thoughts of the material world and devote your total being to listening to God, you will get real time favor of God intuitively. So, a Sufi’s goal is to remain ever-present in the vision of God – this state is called Mushahada in Sufism (the observation of Divinity). 

Everybody can’t realize the heart’s spirituality!

When a doctor inquires of something about a patient’s Heart, he analyses the heart’s functionality considering some factors like measuring Heartbeat, Heart Rate, or Pulse. The doctor takes into account everything from the heart’s physical aspect. He never consider the heart’s spiritual aspects. The physical heart can’t revolve itself without the action of prime mover, spirit, the powerful gift of God. Think about when you are in deep sleep, your five sensors may remain silence, but the heart is a large sensor that keeps its uninterrupted spiritual functionality.

Mystical aspects of the heart’s spirituality – God pervades everywhere in the universe. That means God’s presence is everywhere, all around us and within us. Pervasive of a soul & Pervasive of God is within the same body, yet they remain far away from each other due to lack of spiritual knowledge. Fokir Lalon Shah (a mystic poet) bitterly regretted, “But He (god) and Lalon live in the same town (in his body), they are far away from each other;….. I have not seen even once my neighbor who lives in the city of mirrors near my house.” A soul’s interaction between the material world and god occurs through two gateways – brain and heart as discussed above. God reveals his divinity to men in different ways. One of them is, REVELATION. In the Holy Quran we find verses about REVELATION as below:

“And it is not for any human being that Allah should speak to him except by revelation or from behind a partition or that He sends a messenger to reveal, by His permission, what He wills. Indeed, He is Most High and Wise.” (Al-Quran: 42:51)

Revelation means God’s disclosure of Himself and His will to His creatures. In other words, revelation is the divine disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence. The form of revelation can be either inspiration or intuition. Inspiration works with your brain while intuition with the heart. A lot of verses in the Bible and the Quran refer to inspirations by which god guided Moses’ mother, Jesus’ mother, and to Mose himself:

“As Moses went into the tent, the pillar of cloud would come down and stay at the entrance, while the Lord spoke with Moses; ………….The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend….”-[Exodus 33:9-11].

“But when he came to the (fire), a voice was heard:…………..O  Moses! It is truly I. I am Allah—the Almighty, All-Wise……. O Moses! Do not be afraid! Messengers should have no fear in My presence.” (Al Quran: 27:8-10)

“And We inspired to the mother of Moses, “Suckle him; but when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear and do not grieve. Indeed, We will return him to you and will make him [one] of the messengers.”  (Al Quran: 28:7)

So a voice reassured her (Jesus’ mother) from below her, “Do not grieve! Your Lord has provided a stream at your feet.” [Al-Quran 19:24]

AND the “Bee” is an insect God talks with. We find the verse like this in the Holy Quran:

“And thy Lord taught the Bee to build its cells in hills, on trees, and in (men’s) habitations” [Al-Quran 16:68]

You have learned from above that God guides his creatures through mind and heart in the form of inspiration or intuition respectively as we find these proofs in the Holly Books. Like Mose and his mother, we need to experience life’s journey in conversation with our Creator through regular heartiest prayer. Always remember, “If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.”

Those who are spiritually awakened can realize Heart’s Spirituality !!

Your heart is continuously revolving without halting its spiritual function even in your sleeping hour. The mystery of Heart’s spiritual function can only be realized by those who are spiritually awakened. Removing the Impurity of your soul, you can develop spiritual insight by which you can intuitively realize everything of spirituality.

With the influence of a sufi, Hason Raja inclined to spirituality and getting  awakened, composed a lot of mystic songs. All songs expressed his devotion to God & the spiritual relation between the Creator & the created beings. At one stage of his Sufi practices, Hason Raja intuitively finds no difference between his ‘own self’ (soul) and ‘godhead’ (divinity) and  expressed it in his song:

“I have no existence save and except you (god); I have realized that I am nothing beyond yourself (god).”

However, I think you have now understood that both the physical and spiritual aspects of human heart are important. You have to remember – you’re a soul, you’ve a body, but the body is dead without the spirit supplied by the heart. That is, a soul gets its life in a body with the help of spirit supplied by heart. Physically the heart transmits blood carrying oxygen to each cell of your body. But your heart (Arabic: قلب‎) is the cause behind all of human intuitive deeds. Intuition is your heart’s spiritual faculty that can make you contact with god (divine). Shut out the noise and thoughts of the material world and devote your total being to listening to god, you will get real time favor of God intuitively through the heart.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning!!


I drink lemon water in the morning regularly. But not with fresh water, I drink it with lukewarm water. I use fresh lemons squeezing ½ a lemon with each glass, and drink it in the morning before eating anything else. Drinking lemon water has become a part of my daily routine. It has made me more healthy than earlier. Now I don’t have any digestion problem.  In fact lemon juice not only cure the digestion problem, it also do more to our body. Lemons have strong antibacterial and antiviral powers. It has immune-boosting powers which is beneficial for weight loss and liver cleansing. Lemons contain citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene–that promote immunity and fight infection. Lemons contain following nutrients beneficial to our health :-

Citric Acid: The enzyme function requires the citric acid which can be found in lemon. They are acidic on their own, but inside our bodies they’re alkaline. Lemons contain both citric and ascorbic acid, weak acids easily metabolized from the body allowing the mineral content of lemons to help alkalize the blood.

Ascorbic acid: It promotes wound healing, and is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of healthy bones, connective tissue, and cartilage. Plenty of ascorbic acid found in lemon.

Pectin: Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings. Studies have shown people who maintain a more alkaline diet, do in fact lose weight faster.

 Aids Digestion: Lemon juice flushes toxins from the body. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid required for digestion. I already said, “Now I don’t have any digestion problem.” This fact push me to  write this article to let people know the fact of lemon juice. Many doctors advise patients suffering from cancer, to drink warm lemon water.

Lemon for Urinary tract: As lemons increase the rate of urination, it flush unwanted materials from the body. As a result, urinary tract remains healthy.

Lemon for Mind: The lemon scent has mood that enhances and energizes our mind. Your mood can be brighten and help clear your mind by the smell of lemon juice. Your anxiety and depression can also be reduced by Lemon scent.

Heals tooth pain: Besides fresher breath, lemons have been known to help relieve tooth pain and gingivitis. One thing is to remember that citric acid can erode tooth enamel. You should not brush teeth just after drinking lemon water. So you should be mindful of this.

Reduce Dehydration: Warm water and lemon juice supports the immune system by hydrating and replacing fluids lost by your body. When your body is deprived of water, you can definitely feel the side effects, which include: feeling tired, sluggish, decreased immune function, constipation, lack of energy, low/high blood pressure, lack of sleep, lack of mental clarity and feeling stressed, just to name a few.

Vitamin C: It is said, “Lemon means Vitamin C.” Yes, Lemons contain lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C found in lemons demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects, and it is helpful for patients suffering from asthma and respiratory symptoms. Lemons also contain potassium which is beneficial to brain and nerve function. It also helps control blood pressure. The vitamin C helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes. It will keep your skin clear of blemishes from the inside out. Know more about wrinkles and blemishes, and remain evergreen.

What is Niche Marketing? Get The Niche Marketing Strategies Here!

You may want to know, “What is niche marketing?” When you are sure that you can put all of your marketing efforts towards a well-defined segment of a market, you are then revolving on the niche marketing axis. Though it is considered that usually niches do not exist, you can create any niche by determining the requirements which may be addressed poorly, or in some cases, never be addressed by other companies. It is generally considered by experts who are adept in the creation of strategic formulas for niche marketing that niche marketing is particularly perfect for smaller companies who have small budgets.

What is the importance of niche marketing?

Market segments which are usually poorly targeted, or even sometime they are not yet targeted till this moment and these market segments are given more emphasizes by niche marketing. For this reason, most marketers intend to invest their capital on such opportunities that generally lie in an untapped segment and they can see face of their success. When the marketers decide for niche marketing, they have to define their niches by finding the desired points and they need for a particular segment of market. Though it is a crucial matter to efficiently tailor a marketing campaign to a niche audience, you can earn a lot of profit applying some perfect strategies.

Niche marketing strategies!

Those who are small business owners make niche marketing attractive. When you are selling a product focusing on a very specific target market for a premium price, you should avoid competing in mass markets and against huge retailers who can almost always offer products at lower prices – it is the secrecy to succeed. You should not think niche marketing is an easy arena to tackle. Knowing about the niche marketing strategy is a must for those who want to focus small business. You should utilize unique strategies and research thoroughly your target market to succeed.

If the marketers can create any well-defined niche, they have also the capability to create a personalized campaign which expresses great appeal. The marketers who create a well-defined niche have their strength to create a very personalized campaign with greater appeal. They provide goods and services to a market segment which reduces barriers to entry – these barriers are created for being their untargeted and un-served situation. The larger companies generally don’t think of the small business as targeted as the big business. Some companies will be powered with first-mover advances for their activities which will provide them with the better positioning against new competitors and they make a lot of profit with the niche. When you justify the words of Genesee Food Company, you can see the example of strategic effort which is really great –

In 1902, the Genesee Food Company branded the gelatin dish Jell-O as “America’s Most Favorite Dessert,” placing ads in the Ladies Home Journal. The results? A big boost in sales. It’s one old school — but powerful — example of niche marketing at its finest.

Are You Unique?

To make your audience known better your niche, you must make them known you’re unique and better than your competitors. Explain your audience why they should go with your product, rather than a product that appeals to a wider audience. Suppose, you are selling organic meat, you should focus on how your product is raised using humane methods and the higher nutritional quality of an antibiotic-free food.  You have to focus on how your business is unique because the product also comes with more specialized customer service and immediate help with any problems the buyer might encounter.

Use Social Network:

As you are focusing on a smaller and specialized market, the traditional marketing in this field may not be effective. Instead of using wide range publication, the social network may be a better way to get the word out about your product – Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn are bests you can use for publication. They can greatly help marketing your niche. You can offer discounts to people who will follow you on these networks, it will encourage them more to join in. Running certain types of ads which focus on a targeted market, such as people within a certain age range who work in a job would be interested in your business. Creating a page, formulate a plan to use the page to generate interest of the audience. Involving people to post reviews online, you can reach niche markets faster than broad-based advertising campaigns.

Fix the Networking Goal:

Effective networking is very essential for marketing a campaign. All your networking efforts will be fruitful if you have a narrowed, targeted niche market. For example, you’re selling a range of healthy foods for children’s meals, you’ll get better responses at networking events if you ask for names of health-conscious parents who are trying to eat gluten free, rather than asking for people who are interested in trying a new brand of food. You should research your target market in detail so that you don’t waste other people’s time by having them submit names of potential customers who don’t really fit your product.

Show Your Expertise to the Audience:

If you can show yourself an expert in your field once, it will collect more same type of customers. Suppose, you sell a unique product or service, you must make the audience known of your product. Your expertise in the niche should reach the audiences. You increase your product’s reputation to your audience writing for trade publications, speaking at conferences in your field, and writing for blogs. You can also do this by writing email newsletter to clients and potential customers or post a newsletter on your website for visitors to find. The contents of all these letters should include specialized information so that the recipients of these letters willingly pass on these to other people.

So, these are the niche marketing strategies you can try for attaining your goal?

Diabetes Treatment and Prevention Ways!

Diabetes is a disease. There are many life-threatening issues relating to diabetes. David Furnish says, “In strictly medical terms, there’s no difference between HIV and diabetes; they’re not curable, but they’re very, very highly treatable, and early information is power.” This saying tells us that diabetes is not curable but treatable disease. This article is to describe the “diabetes treatment and prevention ways,” especially the “type 1 diabetes” & “type 2 diabetes”.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is commonly referred to as Diabetes. In fact, diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders. When you have metabolic disorder, it causes abnormal chemical reactions in the body altering the normal metabolic process. So diabetes is classed as a metabolism disorder. Sometimes diabetes is defined as inherited single gene anomaly. Probably for this reason, Angie Stone said, “My mom was a diabetic. Her sister was a diabetic, so I was already a candidate.” Metabolic process means Metabolism. Among different processes of metabolism, the transport of insulin into cells is one. Diabetes is all about insulin levels and sugar levels in the body. When you have diabetes there are high blood sugar levels in your bloodstream over a prolonged period. The most common symptoms of high blood sugar in the body are:

  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased hunger and
  • Excessive weight loss or weight gain

If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complexities even it can cause your death. Serious long-term complexities include cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, foot ulcers, and damage to the eyes.

The facts of causing diabetes can briefly be described in two ways: 1) Either your pancreas is not producing enough insulin, or 2) The cells of your body are not responding properly to the insulin produced by pancreas. Based on these difficult facts, Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is classified into three main types. Three types of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) are:

  • Type 1 Diabetes occurs when your pancreas is not producing enough insulin which is required to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein by promoting the absorption of glucose from the bloodstream into different cells of the body (cells of fat, liver and skeletal muscle).
  • Type 2 Diabetes begins with insulin resistance. It is a condition in which cells fail to respond to insulin properly. As the disease progresses, an insufficiency of insulin may also develop because cells in this case require more insulin than they usually require. The most common cause of insulin resistance, a precondition of Type 2 Diabetes, is excessive body weight and not enough exercise.
  • Gestational diabetes is the third main form of diabetes and it occurs when pregnant women without a previous history of diabetes develop high blood sugar levels.

Diabetes treatment and prevention ways:

There are various ways of diabetes treatment and prevention. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, a normal body weight, and avoiding use of tobacco you can prevent or make sure of diabetes treatment. Moreover, controlling blood pressure & maintaining proper foot care are important for those people who have diabetes. You must manage Type 1 Diabetes with insulin injections if you are having this disease. But the Type 2 diabetes may be treated with medications and with or without insulin. In both these types of diabetes, a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, and a normal body weight should be maintained. By taking insulin and some oral medications, you can lower blood sugar. Weight loss surgery in those with obesity is sometimes an effective measure in those with Type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes is usually resolved after the birth of the baby.

Now you can understand “What is diabetes?” You have learned here especially about what the “Type 1 diabetes & Type 2 diabetes” are. You have also learned about diabetes treatment & prevention ways. Though diabetes is not a curable disease, maintaining a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, a normal body weight, and avoiding use of tobacco, you can prevent or make sure of diabetes treatment. Changing Lifestyle is the way to manage diabetes. So, I remember Sonia Sotomayor’s sayings, “Diabetes taught me discipline.”

Health Benefits of Sports!

Playing sports is considered physical exercise, so playing sports you can get lot of health benefits of sports. Among the most important benefits of sports, proper weight management, efficient functioning of the heart, controlling diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels, improving blood circulation, lowering hypertension and stress levels are remarkable. Sports can also help in the toning of muscles and strengthening of your bones. By burning calories, sports controls weight and by placing a lower strain on the heart, it improves the proper functioning of cardiovascular system, and increases an athlete’s energy level while improving the quality of sleep. For body, mind, and spirit, sports have a great role. In short, sports helps building your health in various ways. Research shows that there are lots of health benefits of sports for youth. These are benefits of sports for students as well. Besides these, you can have lots of social benefits of sports too. However, the most important benefits of playing sports are given below.

Mental benefits of sports?

Physical activities trigger your brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. For this reason, you may get huge mental benefits of sports if you regularly play sports. Whether you are playing sports, working out at a gym, or taking a brisk walk, all these physical activities help you feel happier and more relaxed. Moreover, team sports provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves your fitness. It was revealed from a research that doing a mix of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities is very beneficial to mental health. When you are playing sports, you are not only making effort physically but also you are making effort mentally. During playing sports, you don’t have any chance to think any negative thoughts as you are fully concentrated to the sports. So, sports keeps you safe from any harm which are generated from your negative thinking. Sports reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body. It also stimulates production of endorphins. Both are natural mood lifters that can keep stress and depression at bay. Sports helps increase your sleep that is helpful for your mental health. Sports boosts self confidence as well as self-esteem. Think about what Sri Chinmoy says:

Run and become,

Become and run.

Run to succeed in the outer world,

Become to proceed in the inner world.

Benefits of sports for students:

Billie Jean King says, “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose – it teaches you about life.”

Sports provides opportunities to nurture physical fitness and social interaction skills

Sports is not only a way to stay healthy and in good shape, but its importance is seen in multifarious areas. Research shows that there are lots of health benefits of sports for youth. It indicates that these will also be benefits of sports for students. At present, playing sports teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork. Sports is exercise that increases blood flow to the brain and helps the body build more connections between nerves, leading to increased concentration, enhanced memory, stimulated creativity, and better-developed problem solving skills. So it is said that playing sports helps your brain grow and makes it work better. Sports always gives you a positive attitude that is very helpful to students.

Social benefits of sports:

Besides the above health benefits of sports, there are many other social benefits of sports you can get through regular practice. If you play sports, it will give you opportunities to learn teamwork. While playing sports, you have to obey some rules that help you learn qualities of good sportsmanship and personal responsibility. We see the time management and good organizational skills can be developed to achieve both the athletic and academic success by playing sports. All of these benefits transfer to everyday situations, providing social skills that allow you to succeed in the real world.

So, for body, mind, and spirit, sports have a great role. The proper weight management, efficient functioning of the heart, controlling diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels, improving blood circulation, lowering hypertension and stress levels, all these benefits can be accomplished by playing regular sports. Playing sports teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork which are beneficial to students if they play regular sports.

How To Reach Spiritual Enlightenment?

What is spirituality?

What is spirituality? The word “spirituality” originates from “spirit,” the animating or vital principle in the universe. Spirit is the nonphysical and invisible thing that initiates functionality of any things any time. You can grasp this subtle fact if you are spiritually enlightened.  This very spirit has made you a living soul. This article will help you understand it and you will understand how you can be spiritually enlightened.

What is spiritual enlightenment?

Spiritual enlightenment empowers you to live a happy, placid and contented life. Having been spiritually enlightened, you can grow your right attitude that will empower you to live a deep and fulfilling life, while the wrong attitude makes you feel frustrated, inferior, or indifferent. You want to learn what the spiritual enlightenment means. According to, defining spiritual enlightenment is a broadened aspect. A definition relating to spiritual enlightenment denotes the complete dissolution of an individual’s identity considering him a separate self having no trace of egoistic value and mind remaining. Spiritual enlightenment comes through spiritual practices.

What is spiritual practice?

Your soul is capable of acquiring knowledge on both the physical and spiritual. But it needs spiritual practices. A spiritual practice is the regular or full-time performance of actions and activities undertaken for the purpose of inducing spiritual experiences and cultivating spiritual development. The word “proskartereo,” a Greek word, comes from the words “pros,” meaning towards, and “karteros,” meaning strong. It suggests the intensity as well as persistence in the work to get connectivity to God who is a spiritual being. The apostles’ teachings indicate those practices as spiritual: while practicing service, prayer, fellowship, service (benevolence), or worship, you must have intensity and persistence in the doings. It means the total absorption within yourself during a practice. In other words, “complete dissolution of your identity as a separate self.”

Spirituality and religion:

Your mind may generate a question – what are differences between spirituality and religion? Before understanding differences between religion and spirituality, you must first define the two terms. Religion is defined as “belief in God to worship Him through conduct and ritual.” Spirituality is defined as “the quality or fact of being spiritual, the non-physical.” In other words, religion is a set of beliefs and rituals that claim to get a person in a right relationship with God, but the spirituality is keeping your feeling to things which are non-physical and eternal which imply the same process.

Spirituality and mental health:

I want to resume the facts: spiritual enlightenment empowers you to live a happy, placid and contented life; spiritual enlightenment grows right attitude in a man. When you get spiritually enlightened, it ultimately grows your right attitude because your mind becomes awakened. Right attitude will empower you to live a deep and fulfilling life and you will also be mentally healthy. Don’t grow in your mind the wrong attitudes which will make you feel frustrated, inferior, or indifferent.

How to reach spiritual enlightenment?

Through spirituality Buddha learned about the peace of soul, heart, and mind. Jesus and Muhammad lead people and have miracle facts through spirituality. Miracles are revealed due to one’s getting spiritually enlightened. Being spiritually enlightened is an ability to completely comprehend yourself, life and the world around you.  Your soul is capable of acquiring knowledge & wisdom. Keeping liaison with your heart, you can improve your intuitive power that will help you acquire spiritual knowledge that will help you get spiritually enlightened.

Above all, you need spiritual practice to get spiritually enlightened that means total absorption in yourself while praying or practicing spirituality. In other words “complete dissolution of your identity as a separate self” is a must to attain spiritual enlightenment. The words from Vivekananda also focus on soul’s spirituality that will help you understand your soul as well as the spirit:

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you; none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your soul. – Swami Vivekananda